The 5 Types of People You’ll Meet at Innovate Celebrate 2017

October 3, 2017

2:30 pm

The tech conference: A cornucopia of techies types, from entrepreneurs to wantrepreneurs. At the 2017 Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco next week, you’ll be treated to an array of unique experiences, from excursions to places like an escape room or an improv class to parties, panels, and pitches from our 100 awesome semifinalists in the Startup of the Year competition, there’s plenty of impactful events to keep your blood pumping.

Not every conference is the same, of course, but there are certainly a collection of types that rarely change. Take a look through this list to see if you recognize the more familiar cast of characters you’ll be interacting with while enjoying our sights and events.

The Investor

No tech conference is complete without a few investors walking the crowds to get up close and personal with the industry they care about so much. The startup world lives off of investment opportunities, and networking with investors happens best at conferences like these.

And it’s more than just checking in on the industry: Investors will get a chance to actually make a genuine investment at this event. Here’s how TechCo CEO Frank Gruber explained it in an early post about this year’s Innovate Celebrate:

“Last year we offered our attendees the opportunity to invest in the top startups that we have rigorously vetted down from thousands to just a handful. We’re looking to continue our efforts in supporting these startups hell bent on changing the world. If you’re interested in being a part of this unique and amazing TechCo Ventures investment community, click here to email me about getting involved.”

The Founder

Look for a sharp-eyed man or woman with the hunger to run their own company walking the San Francisco halls of Innovate Celebrate 2017, and you’ve probably discovered a startup founder. Of course, they’re equally likely to be bleary-eyed after a rough night of Whack-A-Mole-style swatting at the myriad tiny problems that come with running a business. Give them a pat on the back.

The Mentor

Innovate Celebrate doesn’t shy away from a major element of the tech community: Mentorship. The event features two separate slots for thirty-minute private sessions with dozens of different mentors. Learn more about what all the mentors know and do over here, and head over to the main site to learn more.

Mentors are one of the few types that is harder to categorize: They come in all backgrounds and worldviews, and more diverse they are, the better the entire tech community becomes as a result.

The Engineer

Some tech conference attendees wouldn’t be caught dead founding a startup, but love the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of working at a startup. They’ll come with the tech skills they need to land a job, and most of them are engineers, from software to hardware. Good luck finding one: They’re one of the toughest startup positions to hire for.

Engineers come in plenty of different sub-types, but one universal trait distinguishes them. They love tinkering, gadgets, and knowing specs for any product they’re interested in.

Your Next Cofounder… Maybe?

Hey, it could happen. Just make sure to show up at the big get-togethers like the Startup of the Year celebration on Tuesday evening.

Register Now to Attend Innovate Celebrate 2017

Make sure to join us at the Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco, CA. The event will take place October 9-11, and it is held in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

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