Tesla Motors Helped Test the New Uber for Business 

July 30, 2014

11:05 am

When you bring in your fancy Tesla for a tune-up, do they send you home in another fancy Tesla?


Tesla Motors . . . uses Uber at its Service Centers around the country to give customers a convenient and reliable ride while their vehicle is being serviced,” the Uber blog explained.

In doing that, Tesla helped pilot the new Uber for Business service that was announced publicly yesterday. Now, if your company signs up and adds you to their Uber account, you can take black car and taxi trips and bill them directly to the company credit card. 

While Uber can’t get you out of your work trip, we can make sure you arrive in style, without the hassle of expensing a ride.”

In turn, your manager will be able to view how many trips you’ve taken and how much money you’ve spent per week, month, and year.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick at a Tech Cocktail event in 2010

This comes just a day after Airbnb launched for business, offering essentially the same service: Business Travel on Airbnb.

Both companies also announced a partnership with Concur, a business expense management system. If you link your Concur account to your Uber or Airbnb, they will automatically generate expense reports. In other words, no more paper receipts and reimbursements. Huzzah!

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