Lyft Bypasses Uber on Miami’s Express Lane

May 21, 2014

9:35 am

Miami has been rallying behind Uber for a very long time, but it looks like Lyft will make it to the Magic City first. San Francisco- based Lyft is a ride-sharing smartphone app and it is launching in Miami this Thursday, May 22, at 7pm. The app allows passengers who need a ride to request one from drivers who have a car (with a distinguishable pink mustache).

Unlike Uber, Lyft is not a “black-car” service, which means it doesn’t restrict the company to current legislation that requires  minimum “black car” fares and minimum wait times of an hour before limos can pick up customers. Such legislation has been blocking Uber’s launch in Miami and other cities in Florida.

“We’re looking forward to working with the city in finding a solution for the growing demand for a community ride-sharing service,” said Lyft representative Paige Thelen.

Lyft Miami Team LAB Miami

Lyft Miami Team @ LAB Miami

Lyft has been successful in cities like San Francisco and Chicago and to get users in the Lyft groove, the company is offering free rides for those who download the app in the city in the next two weeks.

I know what you are thinking: other than tourists, who’s crazy enough to get in a car with a Miami driver? Lyft has strict requirement policies for drivers that include background checks and stringent proof of insurance. Drivers are not only required to carry the minimum personal insurance required by the state of Florida, but Lyft provides its own insurance protection plan as well.

Is that enough for you to trust a Lyft driver? I guess you’re going to have to take a ride and find out.

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