Does This Mean Nevada Finally gets Uber?

May 23, 2015

5:07 pm

To say that Uber has had a little bit of trouble setting up shop in Nevada is a glaring understatement. On October 24, 2014 we wrote that Las Vegas would finally be getting Uber after waiting for what seemed like ages. However, the very next day on October 25, we reported that a Nevada judge had effectively halted Uber’s expansion.

Sure, Uber has encountered this kind of resistance from state authorities before and they weren’t going to give up on the Silver State. To that end it was today announced that the Nevada legislature has approved a bill that would allow ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft to operate in Nevada.

This is definitely exciting for residents of Nevada who have been trying to get Uber in their state for a long time now. However, the bill won’t mean anything if Governor Brian Sandoval doesn’t sign it. Granted, he is expected to sign it into law, but then again the tide of politics can seemingly shift any direction at any time.

According to Sean Whaley and Sandra Chereb of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “the bill is effective upon passage and approval but companies must apply to the Nevada Public Utilities Commission before they can begin operating”. Whaley and Chereb go on to say that the bill wasn’t devoid of hefty amounts of confusion though.

“The original plan was to approve regulations to let Uber and Lyft operate in one measure, Assembly Bill [AB] 176, and authorize the tax levy in AB175. But the assemply only concurred in AB175 and rejected AB176. The effect of the action was to remove a provision that would have had the companies regulated by the Nevada Transportation Authority instead of the PUC,” they explain.

In short, it’s messy. It’s especially messy when you compare it to other cities like Fargo, North Dakota that Uber has expanded to. They took the time to implement rideshare legislation first and then get Uber to expand to their city.

So, while Nevada has maybe done it a bit backwards, they’re at least making headway finally. However you have to remember it’s equally probable that Uber gets approved or gets the axe once again. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the state of Nevada finds a way to coexist with ridesharing platforms at the end of the day though.

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