Yes, Uber’s New Logo Is Still Being Talked About

March 30, 2016

10:07 am

Two months ago, Uber changed forever by releasing a new logo.

Well, not really. They still provide ride-sharing for everyone in the form of taxis, town cars, station wagons and even helicopters. But based on the way people are talking about this new image, you’d think Uber had started providing customers with poisonous snakes rather than affordable transportation.

Uber has insisted on multiple occasions that this rebranding will in no way affect the way they do business. You can still call a car with an app. You can still rate your ride based on everything from traffic to too much talking. And you can still complain that your driver played Justin Bieber too loudly on your way to work. As Uber puts it, the new logo is a way to further establish their already existing image.

“This updated design reflects where we’ve been, and where we’re headed. The Uber you know isn’t changing, our brand is just catching up to who we already were,” explains Uber.

So why all the fuss? When the change originally happened in early February, critics, customers and crazies alike took to the airwaves to express their profound love of or deep hatred for the new logo. But it is now April and news sources still insist on throwing in their two cents. With complaints that range from the overly abstract design to the lack of a “U”, it seems that superficiality exists in the tech world as much as it does everywhere else. Why not talk about UberEATS, Uber’s response to GrubHub? Or the regulation battles that keeps Uber from becoming a stable company? Or the fact that you can Uber a helicopter to Coachella this year?

There seems to be more than enough to talk about when it comes to Uber. So let’s enjoy a collective sigh of relief for what will hopefully be the end of the conversation when it comes to Uber’s new logo.


Uber’s logo, before and after

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