Umba’s Lauren Thorp Discusses Building a Company Out of a Passion [Video]

August 1, 2013

5:00 pm

If anyone is qualified to dole out advice on creating your dream job (note that I said “creating” rather than “finding” or “landing”) it is Lauren Thorp.  Lauren is the founder and CEO of Umba, a handmade goods discovery platform for women that also aims to forge a connection between artists and consumers.

In a previous life, Lauren was overworked and burnt out in a job for which she held no passion.  On top of that, she was dealing with some unique wedding planning frustrations, particularly with finding quality handmade goods that she could use as decorations and favors.  In the midst of these stresses, a light bulb went off, and Umba (formerly Umbabox) was born.  Step by tiny baby step, she was able to build a successful company out of a passion.

Tech Cocktail recently sat down with Lauren to ask how one goes about creating his or her dream job.  She says the answer is in finding that sweet spot which is a combination of three things: what you’re passionate about, what you’re good at, and, most importantly, what you can get paid to do.  She also delves into this topic on her blog Quick Like Foxes.  So it may sound simple enough, but having patience is key.  The idea might not come immediately, but with some experimentation and a little bit of self-reflection, you’ll be launching your dream job in no time.

Here is the video.

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