How Your Undermanned Startup Could Outsource Development

October 9, 2017

7:15 am

Outsourcing has become a common practice for undermanned startups. By arranging contractual work with service providers across the globe, new companies are able to pursue growth opportunities more cost-effectively.

Along with customer service, app development, and clerical work, web development is one of the most outsourced services. This will allow founders to focus on their core business processes while someone else takes care of their online presence.

If you’re considering outsourcing for your web development needs, below are the things you need to remember first:

Online Goals

Substantiating and preparing a list of your online goals from the get go will help you save time during the prospecting process. Not only will it help applicants determine if they’re fit for the job, they can also provide you with more accurate cost estimates and project timelines — without the need for extensive discussions.

Don’t forget to introduce your brand’s personality and the identity you want to establish. This will enable developers to produce initial design drafts that actually make sense, rather than providing them just for the sake of having options.

Determine How You’ll Communicate

Open communication is important not only during the planning stage, but throughout the development project’s lifecycle. Take note that it’s entirely plausible for the developers may deviate from the original draft. But regardless of how small the changes are, you deserve the right to know before they are even implemented.

That said, be sure the developers are willing to communicate via applications like Skype or Slack. In addition to real-time messaging. These tools can also help you collaborate through screen sharing, video conferences, and file attachments.

Consider Only the Best Candidates

Outsourcing a service doesn’t automatically make it cheaper than an in-house team. If you settle for amateurs, then you’ll end up spending more money and time for revisions later. That’s why you shouldn’t use the price tag as the basis of comparison.

To gauge the quality that a third-party web developer can deliver, inspect their portfolio or ask for links to their previous projects. You can also do your own research with the help of platforms like Upwork or LinkedIn.

Get to Know the Platforms

A lot of would-be website owners make the mistake of becoming overly dependent on the developers. While it’s reasonable to have them take care of all the site design and maintenance tasks, you still need some degree of control as the client.

Of course, there are some technical aspects that don’t require your involvement, such as coding and site migrations. But at the very least, you need to learn the platforms, understand what they do, and determine how they can accomplish your online goals.

An exceptional web developer should be more than willing to provide information that will help you feel more confident about a specific platform. Just be sure to cover all the bases, and ask how to perform basic content management tasks, what difficulties to expect, and which alternatives are well-suited to your needs.

Write a Contract

As a final note, most of the complications between clients and service providers can be avoided by having a written, binding contract. This will give you the power to hold them liable for any problems that may arise.

Remember, you can never really eliminate the risk factor when it comes to outsourcing. In most cases, a contract is your only line of defense against irresponsible vendors, so there’s simply no excuse to not having one.

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