How Unomy Fetches the Best Sales Leads for Your Company

January 25, 2017

8:30 pm

Identifying relevant leads is one of the hardest things to do in B2B sales and marketing. Most companies put tremendous efforts into developing a great website, with the idea that it should attract a high volume of relevant visitors, but only a tiny fraction of those will register as leads asking for follow-up. The majority of visitors are just that – passing by your site and leaving no personal information for you to use. That’s make it increasingly difficult to nurture a relationship that may eventually convert into a sale.

While setting up an effective lead capture mechanism and nurturing a sales funnel is pivotal in the B2B space, this too is only one aspect of a well-oiled sales machine. Often, no matter how much effort your marketing team puts into driving the right eyeballs to your content, the audience simply is not relevant. Sometimes, it takes proactive research and outreach to find and connect with the people who are most likely to benefit from your solution.

Sure, less relevant leads can be converted, but the churn rate will be sky high. So what is the best way to avoid nurturing unqualified leads and, instead, pursue only the most appropriate leads for your company?

That process is also not easy to achieve, but there is a way to facilitate that. Unomy is a sales and marketing tool providing in-depth intelligence to B2B companies around the world. Unomy’s staff is a committed unit of data scientists, software developers, analysts, and sales and marketing professionals, working to provide other companies with easy access the most useful lead profile data.

With a frequently updated database that encompasses over 6 million companies and 70 million professionals around the world, Unomy helps make B2B prospecting better and more effective. Unomy’s platform helps companies identify the best prospects for them, making it easy to build highly targeted lists of prospects for outreach. But it also works with existing lists, providing more data so that pre-existing leads lists are enriched.

This platform is also fairly interactive, featuring an extension for the Google Chrome browser, which allows for faster prospecting. With it, you can tap into valuable company and contact-specific information right from your browser. Unomy can also be integrated with Salesforce and offers a powerful API, among other additional services.

Unomy can bring significant advantages to the entire lead process of any business. It helps sales teams to know more about their new prospects and existing customers, thus making better decisions and landing more deals.

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