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July 8, 2013

1:00 pm

Would you believe me if I told you that your virtual presence is synonymous with your actual, physical presence? Think about that for a minute, and consider that a large portion of who you are and what you stand for is presented to the world via social media.

However, all of our current platforms operate independently of one another. So somebody might see the professional you on LinkedIn while remaining blind to the artistic you on Instagram.

The issue is that communications platforms are so overwhelming that it can be difficult to sift through everything. So Joseph and Stephen White are shrinking the concept of communication by providing people with a singular vehicle of expression: The Crackpot.cube.

Acting as a personal ambassador for its users, the Crackpot.cube is a 3D cube-tool designed to give users an advantage when it comes to self-expression and virtual presences.

The cube features audio, image, video, text, social media, e-magazine, and e-commerce integration into the interactive, digital interface. The Crackpot.cube can also carry unlimited amounts, and any type, of content to any device.

Users get a blank canvas, so to speak, where they can cultivate their ideal cube. Once finished, sharing is as easy as texting, emailing, or ‘cracking’ the cube to social media.

The team decided on a 3D model because they believe humans better grasp the concept of something rooted in their own world. That is, we all live in the third dimension, so why not invite our digital products to live in that world with us?

“People are literally three dimensional and deeper than just the surface level,” says White. “The cube is an innately natural way for people to express themselves.”

In that sense, the Crackpot.cube serves a greater purpose than simply another social media tool. The team wants to eliminate the idea that individuals are only equal to an email, text message, or website.

In fact, people are so much more; we are dynamic, ever changing, and full of vitality. The Crackpot.cube helps imprint your true self onto your virtual presence. And since it revolves around creativity and self-expression, there is no one correct way to use the cube.

“Our main mission is to help everyone and to not hurt them,” says White. “From a small business to the kid getting a resume out.”

The applications are seemingly endless when you begin to see that people can use it for resumes or job postings. Athletes can show potential colleges that they are more than a number on a field. Star students can showcase their skills both inside and outside the classroom.

Creative writers abide by a crucial concept called showing versus telling. Sure, telling somebody about a sunset gets the message across, but it lacks the depth that showing that sunset has. Crackpot.cube is a great opportunity to show your virtual presence, not tell about it.

Crackpot.cube was recently featured at our Tech Cocktail Week mixer in Las Vegas. 



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