Urgent Needs Calls For Urgnt.ly, Opens to the Public Today

January 9, 2012

3:33 pm

Earlier this year Tech Cocktail covered the DC-based immediate response service provider/contact platform Urgnt.ly.  Today, they have officially launched.

Under the old model, in order to get an appointment with a service provider (the cable guy, electrician, tow truck service, etc), you’d have to first locate the provider’s phone number, make the call, fight through some sort of automated voice machine, schedule an appointment, and wait.  With Urgnt.ly you can simply go to their website or open their mobile app (currently only available for iPhone with an Android version coming soon), and put out a notification to the nearest available technician.  That’s it.

Clearly, in order for a service like Urgnt.ly to take off, it’ll come down to the volume of partnerships within a user’s particular region.  Because of this, the service focuses on receiving service requests  as seamless as possible.

“For service providers, this means they can grab opportunities in between scheduled jobs or simply go about their day waiting to be messaged by new customers using Urgnt.ly,” said Ric Fleisher, serial entrepreneur and Urgnt.ly’s President and COO. “We’re establishing relationships with service providers who will check in to the service and display their location to Urgnt.ly users on a map via GPS and other locating technology.”

Already Urgnt.ly has struck agreements with both nationwide and local service companies to build a robust provider base.

Surendra Goel, Urgnt.ly CEO, believes that mobile is the future for local search, but the status quo for what’s available simply won’t cut it.

“The consumer- and provider-facing sides of the product do not look like a standard search,” Goel said. “Instead, we’ve developed a sleek interface intended to operate like people think: visually, spatially and locally.”

To learn more about how Urgnt.ly works, check out their video below.

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