Use These 6 iPhone Apps to Keep You on Top of Everything

November 13, 2015

10:00 am

In the hectic world of mobile phones and instant information transfers, it is good to get as much assistance as possible when you are trying to sell something. However, this assistance doesn’t necessarily have to come from another person. There are now iPhone apps that can perform tasks that used to be handled by other people.

Here are six ways to use the apps on your iPhone to help you increase your sales:

Use EasyTask Manager to Be Better Organized

Would you like to use your iPhone as a personal assistant? Then make use of EasyTask Manager, which allows you to better sort and prioritize all of your many assignments throughout the weeks and months. Best of all, the information that you place into this app can be easily shared with your other devices.

Use ReQall for Voice to Text

If you need a way to get an idea into text form and don’t have the time to tap it out on your iPhone’s screen, then use this app. In addition, this app also serves as a great supplement to apps such as EasyTask manager because it allows you to combine your various lists and sync them with an online account.

Share Files with Dropbox

While many files are relatively small and can be sent as attachments, larger files need special attention. With Dropbox, large files are not a problem. You can access big files from your office computer system or from your home and not worry about storage and memory issues because you are exchanging information with shared links.

Use Evernote for Online Storage

With the Evernote app, you can store documents and files in the cloud, so that you, your employees, and your customers can have easy access to them. The free version lets you store up to 60 MB, and for $5 a month you can have as much as 1 GB.

Secure Your Data with Lockbox

If you need a place to store sensitive data, then look no further because Lockbox will encrypt this information for you, and you can access it with a password that you create. This is a great way to make sure your PIN numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, and other confidential information is kept safe.

Use CamScanner Free to Scan paper Documents

This handy app turns your iPhone into a scanner. In addition, you send documents to fax machines and save documents to your email or photo album. You are also able to upload your documents into the cloud, so they can be more easily accessed from anywhere in the world.

So as you can see, there shouldn’t be any reason to sell your iPhone because there are so many things that it can do for you. Another important thing to consider is that with all of these advances being able to do so much –  just imagine what kind of spectacular features await in the years ahead.

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