Using Creativity as a Coding Motivator

May 10, 2016

9:00 pm

Coding is on the rise, but even with its popularity, it can still be difficult to find the motivation to learn – especially if you’re new to coding. But of all of the skills you need to utilize to make coding easier, creativity may be the secret weapon in your arsenal.

Most people don’t see the correlation between coding and creativity but they’re actually more connected than you realize. In one blog post, coders and teacher Joe showcase exactly what that link means. In a blog post, they talk about the ways that creativity can be a great motivator for coding.

These things make a great recipe for a fun lecture. But somehow, it seemed too complicated; it seemed like there is a greater idea behind these reasons. And then it dawned on me:
In past semesters, I tickled the students’ logic center. They had fun solving sciencey, mathy puzzles. But this semester they had an additional motivation: The students could create something. They could tweak and polish. They could do something that was different to their neighbor and still have a correct solution. In short they were allowed – and even encouraged – to be creative.

Even though it’s not usually associated with coding, creativity can be a secret weapon for learning and executing programming. It comes down to seeing the code in a new way – it’s not just symbols and numbers, but it’s a connection to creating something new out of nothing. And in today’s business climate, coding is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just someone looking to expand your skill set, viewing coding as another expression of creativity may help you to unlock a new skillset.

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