The UviCube Uses UV Light to Sanitize Your Devices

February 12, 2015

10:00 am

A recently launched Kickstarter hopes to make it easier for you to disinfect your electronic and mobile devices without the risk of getting damaged. Utilizing the power of UV lights, the UviCube aims to provide the easiest method for sanitizing everyday items from watches and rings, to mobile phones and remote and children’s toys. The device’s origins, however, stem from the creators’ desire to find a safe and quick way to sanitize their baby’s bottles.

Ben and Autumn Colayco are the parents of two young kids. When their daughter was born, she was discovered to have an infection and a minor heart problem, which led the parents to become paranoid about hygiene and sanitation. Luckily, there happened to be several UV devices available across Asia (where they lived at the time), that allowed them to safely sanitize many of the objects with which their daughter would interact. Back in the United States, though, and after the birth of their second child, they simply couldn’t find something similar on this side of the world. Hence, they went about trying to find a way to create it, which resulted in the UviCube.

The UviCub is a miniature-sized, countertop appliance that was built initially as a way for parents to easily and safely sanitize baby bottles using UV light (light from the device was tested and found to eliminate 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria, according to the Kickstarter page). Traditionally, baby bottles are either disinfected using boiling water or through steam/microwave sterilizers. These methods, however, still pose a risk for lime-scale buildup as well as a burn risk for parents doing the cleaning; UviCube has none of these risks.

They soon found, though, that this same treatment could be applied to other household items that can’t be exposed to moisture or heat. Thus, the UviCube serves the much more universal purpose of being able to disinfect mobile phones and other electronic devices (such as remote controls) with its UV lights. This is great when you consider that mobile phones are supposed to be, like, 15 times dirtier than toilet handles, and that the main way through which we typically clean them are through disinfectant sprays (which technically aren’t supposed to be used on them, since they may break as a result).

Just five days into its Kickstarter campaign, the UviCube has already managed to reach its goal of $25,000 – and there’s 39 days left in the campaign. Visit its Kickstarter page to support the device.

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