UX Lab in the Cloud YouEye Raises $3M, Launches New Product Insite

May 7, 2013

1:00 pm

YouEye, an online user research platform that features remote usability testing with emotion recognition, today announced that it has raised $3,000,000, led by investors Bobby Yazdani, Brian McClendon and Beth McClendon.                                             

YouEye’s platform features webcam and audio recording, so companies can view participants as they browse through sites and listen to spoken feedback. Since testing is completely remote, study participants take studies in the environments of their choice, and can test at any time.

Today, the company is also announcing Insite, a new product that delivers automated user experience insights to any company. Companies can capture full webcam video and audio from site visitors, who are prompted with an invitation to join a study upon visiting the site. To enable this, companies only need to insert a single line of code to enable this on their site.

Commonly referred to as “The UX lab in the cloud,” YouEye looks to disrupt costly, inefficient, and slow in-person user testing. Usability testing is important for discovering what parts of your site work well, and what parts need the most improvement. No matter how great a website or product may be — the true impact may never be realized if it doesn’t have great usability.

Typically, usability testing is an expensive process, and coupled with the time it takes to complete an in-person user test, companies may overlook or deprioritize it when they build digital products and websites. By taking user testing online, more companies have access to solutions that help them address their usability concerns as they build products and services.

YouEye’s Emotion Recognition functionality is trained on a dataset of 50,000 micro-expressions, and can accurately show when a user’s facial expression aligns with several feelings, including happy, surprised, puzzled, disgusted, afraid, and sad.

YouEye also has its own participant pool. The company sources participants to complete studies based on the specific demographics the tester is looking for. Companies can select the exact demographics of their ideal tester — which include age range, gender, education level, and income, among others.

For those interested in trying out the Insite Beta, YouEye has launched a landing page with an email form. You can register for the beta at http://www.youeye.com/insite.

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