Validate Your Digital, Social, and Technical Know-How at Smarterer

July 9, 2011

2:00 pm

As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, we are all constantly developing new digital and technical skills that are super-useful in the workplace.  Yet saying we can do X and being able to prove it to potential clients or employers is tricky.  As we all know, people lie all the time.

That’s where Boston-based startup Smarterer comes in.   Their platform uses a crowdsourced test design and scoring mechanism (similar to what is used to rank chess masters) to score people on any and every digital, social, and technical skill under the sun.  You get 10 questions and 60 seconds in which to answer them, and you receive a valid score in return.

Before you get all excited about taking a test, just a warning: Smarterer is a closed community, so you need to find a user and request an invite.

So once you get an invite and have your score (or scores, as the case may be), you can post it/them from your Smarterer profile page to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your resume, or your blog.   Nice way to brag without looking obnoxious!

So here’s how the scoring works in case you are interested: The Smarterer algorithim is based on the Glicko rating system, which is used for chess, NCAA trees, and a variety of gaming platforms, and it was designed to learn from user interactions so it can better rank each question and user.

Think this will become a benchmark for skills assessment?  I think it has the potential – if it’s easy to get an invite. What do you think?  Leave a comment below!

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