The Vamp Gives Life to Your Old Tower Speakers

January 8, 2015

4:30 pm

By and large speaker technology is better today than it was twenty, even ten, years ago. But that hasn’t stopped large communities of audiophiles from decking out their sound room with giant tower speakers from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s; most of them, myself included, prefer the sound coming out of them.

The problem, when it comes to these speakers, is that they’re a total pain in the butt to hook up. And I don’t mean that connecting a positive and negative wire is tough, it’s the receiver I’ve never been a fan of. It’s clunky, heavy, and you have to have a wall outlet to power it, and in turn, your speakers.

Thankfully, at this years The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015), Paul Cocksedge debuted his recently funded Kickstarter product, The Vamp, to solve this pain point. He’s eliminated the need for high powered receivers in most cases, excluding surround systems and over-powered speakers. Imagine my excitement.

The palm-sized Vamp is fitted with a magnet that can fix the device to any speaker, old or new, in any position. On the back of The Vamp unit itself users will see positive and negative wire terminals as well as a charging port and 3.5mm audio jack.


Cocksedge thought up The Vamp one day while revitalizing old, analogue speakers that were fully functional but left unused: something most of us are familiar with (I’ve got two giant towers sitting in my garage gathering dust). What he saw was a growing trend towards Bluetooth connected speakers, but those speakers he deemed often inferior in terms of overall depth of sound quality.

“For me, reusing perfectly good technology makes sense,” says Cocksedge. “Hearing the rich sound coming out of these older speakers in a new way is a delight. They are part of our music history.”

Post-Kickstarter, which was resoundingly successfully for The Vamp, Cocksedge has been able to begin mass production of his product. They’ve seen great traction because you can hook nearly any device up to The Vamp, even an old-gen iPod, and listen to music without needing a wall outlet for power; take your old tower speakers to the park, and, boom, you’ve got an instant party.

To help show the world just what The Vamp can do, Cocksedge and his team began their #saveaspeaker campaign. Adopters all over the world took to social media to showcase their saved speakers, and we’ve been told the campaign will continue all the way through CES 2015 and beyond.

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