VaultWorthy Helps You Keep Your Documents Safe, Even in Emergencies

January 10, 2013

11:00 am

Still storing as “paper only?” Even storing your digital files on your one external hard drive at home is not only risky, but dangerous. There are many effective, free, cloud-based storage options available (Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud, and several others), but it can be confusing to pick which one to use. If you’re storing important personal documents, how can you make sure that in times of emergency and incapacitation, your files will be handled the right way? Thus comes VaultWorthy.

Tech Cocktail: What is VaultWorthy?

VaultWorthy: VaultWorthy (@VaultWorthy) is a secure document storage platform for your most important documents that’s accessible anywhere with a web connection. VaultWorthy provides the peace of mind that your most trusted documents are secure and accessible to you, trusted advisors, and family members in times of need. No more searching file cabinets, emails, or old computers for documents that are scattered around different locations.

Tech Cocktail: Who are the founders?

VaultWorthy (Christopher Jensen): I’m a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and angel investor. The software for VaultWorthy was developed with help from SproutBox.

Tech Cocktail: What problem does your product try and solve?


The Problem:

More often than we’d like to admit, we were spending countless hours searching for our most important documents. We had this problem which was becoming more time consuming and complicated as our lives and busy schedules progressed. We were searching filing cabinets, desktop folders, and web based email accounts to find some of our most valuable information. Additionally, as personal financial management became more important and complicated, so did our need to properly document, store, and organize these critical documents.

The Idea:

An Internet-based safety deposit box that allows your most important and updated documents such as contracts, bank and investment records, tax records, usernames and passwords, estate documents, and medical records to be accessible from home, the office, the airport, or wherever you have a web connection. What if you could also have peace of mind knowing your documents could be accessed now or in the event of an emergency (disablement, death, etc.) by your loved ones, attorney, estate executor, or accountant so that nothing is overlooked, should a life-changing event happen?

Check out this video to learn more about VaultWorthy. This company was a featured startup at our Tech Cocktail Bloomington Event.

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