VendASnack: The Online Vending Machine

July 1, 2011

10:35 am

Ever get hungry while you’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office? Looking for a quick snack at the office to cure your case of the Mondays? Maybe you’re pulling an all-nighter at the library and need a study break. You know what would be perfect right now? A Snickers.

You walk down to the nearest vending machine, salivating at the thought of the chocolate-covered, caramel-y, gooey goodness in your mouth. You fish out the $1.75 in coins from your pocket, hit F23, and watch as the steel coil advances the Snickers closer and closer to you. But something’s wrong – the familiar purr of the motor has stopped, and all you can do is watch in agony as the candy bar clings to the edge, refusing to drop! Or worse, the damn machine just eats your money altogether!  Woosa.

Thanks to new snack delivery service VendASnack, you never have to experience the frustration of vending machines ever again. Open 24 hours a day, the site delivers the snacks you want, when you want them.

VendASnack is a Chicago-based startup that delivers snacks directly to your workplace, dorm room, or wherever you happen to be when you get the munchies. You can get a snackpack of any 24 snacks for $24. Just pick and choose which snacks you want, and they’ll ship it out to you the same business day. Shipping’s free. It reminds us a lot of DC-based Snack&Munch which we covered previous and was voted one of the 5 hottest early-stage startups in DC. Is this this a copycat effort? We’re not sure, but it’s interesting to see numerous snack food delivery services popping up as it may be validation of a market. Unfortunately, it also reminds us of the dot-com boom startup which was said to deliver anything within an hour which did not go as planned.

The virtual vending machine features a selection of over 200 snacks, with everything from breakfast bars and trail mix to cookies and chips. The site even offers a variety of international favorites, including Pocky from Japan and Duvalin strawberry candies from Mexico, so you don’t have to worry about a limited selection. If you’re craving it, chances are VendASnack will have it in stock.

At $1 a snack, the online vending machine is an easy, convenient way to have your favorite snacks on hand when your late-night munchie attack hits. If you use the coupon code “PRESS,” you’ll get $1 off your first order.

Check out VendASnack here.

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