VenueWize Focuses on Event Analytics

January 2, 2012

3:25 pm

We first met VenueWize when they demo’d their new software at our Tech Cocktail Mixer event in Vancouver this past July. The team was very much focused on their international pilot test in an attempt to best understand event organizers needs when it comes to metrics. Now they have officially launched with their new web and mobile based application and dashboard created for event organizers.

“We learned a lot from our pilot users – career fairs in New York, nightlife in the UK, fashion shows in Tokyo – they all face the same problems. The pilot was critical to our product, since it helped us fully grasp and understand the needs of event organizers worldwide, which allowed us to create innovative solutions,” said Arvand Alviri, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VenueWize.

VenueWize provides tools much like other event registration software, but takes it further allowing organizers to collaborate on events, access live guest information via the iPad and iPhone apps and track guest profitability using their CRM system. Alviri’s team puts a heavy emphasis on automatically capturing metrics about guests and showing organizers who their most and least profitable guests are using a 5 point rating system. “Having access to this information, as guests walk into an event, is extremely powerful. It’s like introducing Google Analytics to an industry which previously had no way to capture meaningful data,” says Arvand on the importance of tracking guest metrics and analytics.  While testing it out, I liked how the tool let you import Facebook Event attendees’ information, and how you can track each guest’s individual metrics. Some of the other features are already part of heavily used systems like Eventbrite and Eventbee, so VenueWize will either have to capture lots of new event producers or have some heavy duty marketing efforts to lure customers away from other systems. Their payment options, ranging from pay-per-use to annual packages, could be an important draw.

Last month Alviri won 2nd place at the Simon Fraser University’s Student Entrepreneur of the Year for VenueWize, which is less than a year old. The CEO plans to continue to focus on event organizers, developing solutions that will empower them with their own businesses. All new accounts can test the service with a free trial, so event organizers can check out VenueWize with their next event with no obligations.


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