ViaPlace Offers Location Based Services

May 5, 2010

11:05 am


Location based services are a hot topic lately as mobile phone technology and services have converged to offer users important information about their current location. We previously reviewed the launch of SimpleGeo and today we are taking a look at a DC-area based company offering location based services (LBS) called viaPlace. ViaPlace is a white-label, software-as-a-service, Points of Interest Registry system. The goal of viaPlace is to provide users with dynamic content based on their physical location.

ViaPlace will consist of a few components and the first two currently in beta include the registry system and mobile device client.

The viaPlace registry system mirrors that of a traditional domain name registrar, where users can claim particular web addresses and point that address to a server location. ViaPlace takes it in a new direction, by enabling users to register a physical address or geographic location to any number of digital assets including websites. This association allows users to create advertising, entertainment and education that can be delivered to an end user when they are present in a particular location.

The viaPlace client enables users to view digital information at a geospatial location. The client is available for desktops, smart phones and PDAs. It alerts users when they have entered the space of, or approached geographically located information, and then allows the end user to view that information or associated experience.

ViaPlace is a fully-owned subsidiary of Mindgrub, a Baltimore based consulting company. The viaPlace team will be on hand as a showcased startup at MOBILE TECH cocktail DC 1 on May 5th.

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