Viddler Announces New Updates and Simpler, More B2B-Friendly Platform

January 17, 2012

3:00 pm

This morning Viddler announced some major changes to how their video platform is going operate moving forward, including a simpler interface, removal of extraneous features, and providing more in-depth enterprise solutions for small to large businesses.

This transition began earlier last year when Viddler decided to conclude personal account sign ups.  Due to a host of stiff competition (i.e. YouTube), Viddler felt that the space was getting too crowded and they were losing traction. “The tight-knit Viddler community began decreasing over the years,” says Ian Borg, Marketing Advocate for Viddler.

Although the video sharing and insights service closed new sign ups, they decided to grandfather in old accounts.  As a result, “It left us in a grey area.  There was mixed feedback from people looking for the B2B site.  People were confused, our message wasn’t clear, and quite frankly, we weren’t sure what we wanted our message to be,” says Borg.

So over the last few months, the team at Viddler has spent their time digging through site statistics to see what was working, what wasn’t, and to find ways to craft a clearer message and improve their service to the B2B customer.

“We need to show businesses who we are and the solutions we can provide them.  We redid all of our marketing, landing pages, and user interface for both new and existing customers and made the language clearer and uploading easier.  We are shifting our focus toward sales and marketing to supplement this push to become a better B2B solution.”

New Message, New Marketing Plan

Not only is Viddler changing what they’re saying to potential customers, they’re altering how they’re saying as well.  “Now that we have a clearer idea of who who we’re targeting, we are honing in our marketing efforts as well,” says Borg. “Before we relied heavily on advertising dollars.  Now, we’re taking more targeted approach toward bigger clients and digital agencies.”

Let us know what you think of the new Viddler layout – leave a comment below!

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