Video: Surfer Feeds a Great White Shark Using a Drone

June 8, 2017

10:50 am

The coasts of Southern California are currently pretty packed with great white sharks — enough that pro surfer Kalani Robb hasn’t been able to dip a toe in the water last Friday. Instead, he used a couple drones and a GoPro to film his attempt to feed a shark. The getup dangles a fish off of a line hooked up to one drone, while another drone follows to catch it on film. Sure enough, a Great White shows up and chows down.

“There are so many sharks in San Clemente it’s scary to even think about surfing right now. So we figured let’s stoke them out and deliver them lunch,” Robb said in the comments of the Instagram video, which you can check out below.

While some have covered the drone stunt as an example of a way to raise awareness for the shark infestation, other commentators don’t attribute any noble motivation to the video.

“It goes without saying this is a waste of energy but seriously fuck everyone involved in this idiotic little stunt,” said one poster on the Instagram video. “There’s nothing funny about this. Some of us live and surf around here often (have children who swim here) and that stretch of coast has already been inaccessible for a couple months now. The point has been made that you don’t feed these animals as it only encourages them to hang around longer. Obviously.”

Looks like another example of GoPros and drones letting us act out our impulses in ways that might not be as useful or cool as they appear. Check out the video to determine for yourself:

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