View Medical Scans in 3D, Video-Game Quality with Vizua

April 19, 2012

9:43 am

Vizua started with a conundrum: why are video game graphics far better than medical imaging?

It turns out that 2D medical scans are sometimes difficult to read, and other 3D tools are quite expensive. So Vizua offers a cheaper 3D tool for doctors to view medical scans on the web or iPad, then share with patients and other doctors. While reviewing a CT, MRI, or ultrasound, they can add notes and bookmarks, and even create a slideshow of problem areas.

Long-term, Vizua hopes to create the best imaging technology and build a network around it:

“Vizua lets you create your own community or subscribe to an existing one, allowing sharing and access to case studies around the world from universities, hospitals, or private clinics,” their website explains.

The app is HIPAA-compliant, and Vizua’s sister company, UsefulProgress, is focusing on research to improve the product. But medical innovation can be as difficult to spread as other innovations:

“Like any new technology we have a spectrum of responses – some individuals want to stay with what they are used to, others can see that this is how imaging should be – accessible and secure but with easy sharing,” explains CEO Dean Lester.

Find out more at our Tech Cocktail Chicago mixer tonight, where Vizua is a showcased startup.

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