Vinyl Me, Please Brings Unique Albums to Your Doorstep

August 5, 2013

8:56 am

There is an amazing universe of diverse music available to us: that is a fact. But people like to obsess over certain songs because they top Billboard’s charts, or because the artist has pink hair and wears wacky clothes. The bottom line is that people are not getting their music recommendations like they used to.

At this very moment, you might be nodding your head thinking, “Gone are the days of the local music store opinions.” But I assure you, that aspect of music is far from dead. While it is difficult to see a dropped diamond at the bottom of a rushing river, the diamond, nonetheless, is still there.

The question, then, would seem to change from, “Why is there no good music?” to “How do I find good music?” Tyler Barstow and Matt Fiedler will help you wade through the garbage and find music you will really love with Vinyl Me, Please.

The Chicago-based startup supplies unique and enticing music in two ways. First, their dedicated customers are sent a vinyl album in the mail every month. Second, everybody gets a personal music consultant.

“We are an old-school vinyl club with a new-school take,” says Barstow. “Albums are an art form, and vinyl is the best showcase for the artist to display their work.”

Every month features a selected artist that Barstow and Fiedler literally hand-wrap and mail directly to your doorstep. It is like a fruit-of-the-month club, but you are getting awesome albums instead of weird fruits.

And if hand wrapping and delivering a present to you every month were not enough, the team at Vinyl Me, Please offers a perfected music consultancy service. Discovering a niche sound, setting a specific mood at a party, or livening up a night with friends is as simple as calling your dedicated music consultant.

“A lot of current music operates through algorithm-based platforms like Pandora and Spotify, and it is pretty one dimensional,” says Fiedler. “Having that experience to go and talk with somebody who knows their stuff is too cool. We provide music from a trusted opinion,” continues Barstow.

Currently the team has racked up over 120 paying customers, and they reach far beyond the city limits of Chicago. Their dedicated user base spans across America as well as Switzerland, Canada, Russia, and Greece.

“Every month when our records get where they are supposed to go, we all breathe a huge sigh of relief,” jokes Barstow, laughing.

It is always a good rule of thumb to remember that popularity can be a poor indicator of quality. Vinyl Me, Please focuses only on quality as they continually work to give you music that will delight, excite, and rewrite your musical knowledge.

Vinyl Me, Please was in the running for Chicago’s Hottest Showcasing Startup this past March.

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