VIPole, the Secure Messenger for Individuals and Teams

October 22, 2015

12:36 pm

Privacy has been a concern for a long time but, since the NSA/Snowden scandal, it’s taken a whole new and huge dimension. Along the way, more news has started to surface, reporting that other online services like Facebook or Gmail were also snooping through the personal and private information of their users.

With those concerns in mind, several messaging services arose that focused on the privacy of their users. VIPole is an example: it is a secure instant messenger aimed at individuals, teams and enterprises alike. It offers reinforced security and true end-to-end encryption, guarding sensitive data such as- chats, messages, calls and files from eavesdropping and interception.

One of the most amazing features of VIPole is that it is available for all platforms – really, all of them. Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS are all covered, even though the latter is still on Beta testing. Nevertheless, all apps are constantly being updated, assuring that any potential problem is fixed as soon as possible.

VIPole offers users and teams a serious array of security features. Some example are: multilevel security and end-to-end encryption of all data stored and transferred within VIPole; a software architecture that prevents disclosing user data and ensures data privacy; and full user control on any sent message, file and stored data.

Additionally, VIPole has some additional features like file manager, task manager, calendar with reminders help keep important data safe and at hand, as well as backup and sync, ensuring that user data is synchronized across all devices and accessible everywhere. As mentioned above, this service is also aimed at teams and enterprises, which can count on group chats, calls and cloud storage, in order to make team work and collaboration effective and easy.

This service is free to use for individual users (personal use), with premium plans available for professional use, teams and corporate servers. Just recently, VIPole announced the introduction of a bonus program, that rewards users that invite new people to join in.

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