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VirtualPBX Review

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

VirtualPBX provides feature-rich VoIP systems ideally suited for small and mid-size businesses.

Unlike big telecom corporations that may offer systems full of functions you may not even need, VirtualPBX keeps its services simple.

Through its Office and Anywhere plans, you can take advantage of hosted internet-based calling, resulting in a savings of 40% – 80% over traditional PBX systems, according to the company.

Your employees can work anywhere there’s an internet connection, as its system can be configured to route incoming calls to any kind of phone, in any location.

Indeed, if you have a dispersed workforce, you can take advantage of VirtualPBX’s TrueACD queues, which intelligently deliver calls to different departments and employees.

In addition to its VoIP system, the company offers add-on services to manage your bandwidth, protect your phone system, and monitor your online usage.

In effect, you can take advantage of IT services scaled to fit your business.

Product, Service and Solutions Overviews

  • Office Plans
  • Anywhere Plans
  • Network Monitoring

Office Plans

VirtualPBX Office plans are ideal for any business that wants a full phone solution rather than just a call-routing service.

If you have reliable phone traffic and can benefit from unlimited minutes, then you’ll appreciate the Office plan’s predictable monthly charges.

Additionally, the plan offers 4 variations depending on the number of lines you want. For its most popular service, you can get between 2 and19 lines for $29.99 month per line.

But whether you opt for 1 or 100+ lines, you’ll enjoy 1,000 toll-free and conference minutes, unlimited extensions, free IP phones and more.

Meanwhile, enhanced features include virtual receptionist, virtual fax (no fax machine required), voicemail to email conversion, and a web-based management system with a secure admin portal that lets you easily make changes to your plan.

Anywhere Plans

For businesses with light phone traffic that primarily need an inbound call-routing system, VirtualPBX’s Anywhere Plans are a good choice.

Offered as StartUp, Pro, and Premium options, Anywhere plans range from $9.99 per month to $24.99 per month. The popular Pro service ($19.99 per month) comes with 1,000 minutes and charges 4.4 cents for each additional minute.

Anywhere shares many of the same features as Office, including enhanced call-routing options. You can configure the system to deliver a call to your most skilled and available agents; allow additional employees to take calls during overflowing peak times; and grant management access to different employees.

Network Monitoring

To analyze and optimize your network’s performance, VirtualPBX offers an additional network monitoring service for your VoIP system.

Entitled ProSIP TAM, the technology watches your network 24 / 7, and can provide insight into how it’s used.

By knowing which devices are consuming the most bandwidth, streaming content, and other metrics, you can make changes to better utilize the service.

ProSIP TAM will even send you customized alerts and a monthly performance report.

Case Studies

  • Budget Dumpster
  • 247 Techs

Budget Dumpster

Budget Dumpster faced a good problem. Within a year of its founding, the dumpster rental company that started as a 3-person operation dramatically expanded its business.

However, with more clients came a much heavier demand on the company’s hosted phone system. As a result, potential customers couldn’t get through, and the company lost business.

After trying and failing to find a suitable replacement system, the company discovered VirtualPBX. Its demands centered on flexibility, affordability, and power to scale and handle thousands of calls.

The dumpster company noticed an immediate benefit. With its rapidly growing business, it could easily add lines and phones for new employees.

Meanwhile, the call recording feature became useful for training and customer service, and with the ability to measure call volume, it could identify which facets of its business weren’t performing as well, and consequently re-allocated marketing funds.

247 Techs

247 Techs can’t survive without a reliable phone system. The group of web developers and tech specialists offer support to consumers as an alternative to brand-backed support services that require monthly fees and contracts.

The company’s employees work from home and are dispersed throughout the country, so its office is virtual and run completely over the phone.

With a workforce of around 12, installing a traditional PBX system would’ve been costly and extremely difficult for just a select few to implement.

As an alternative, it turned to VirtualPBX, which allowed 247 Techs to deploy the VoIP service at much lower financial and technical costs.

Additionally, it allows the company to scale up and down with seasonal volume, and enables management to optimize the system wherever they’re located, as long as they have an internet connection.

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Benefits and Drawbacks

VirtualPBX stands out among its competitors due mainly to an advanced set of features.

Many VoIP providers offer basic voicemail and call-routing functions, but VirtualPBX’s systems include a few important extras such as virtual fax, music-on-hold jukebox, and integrated conferencing.

Its customizable call-routing system, ease of deployment and flexible plans also set it apart.

It doesn’t offer collaborative features like instant messaging and video, but small and medium-size businesses probably won’t miss those.


VirtualPBX has been around since 1997, and seems to have ironed out many of the kinks of VoIP services since its inception.

While call clarity has generally improved over the years throughout the industry, VirtualPBX’s system is always reliable, and its features are easy to use.

The call-queueing is especially simple to customize, which is helpful for any business that needs a reliable routing service.

Another asset is its remote backup system. PBX Parachute can be added to your VoIP plan as a way to ensure your phone service and the integrity of your data.

In the event of a system failure, Parachute redirects calls to safe alternate destinations, like cell phones.

It seems odd that there is no click-to-call function within their management tool, especially as this is a common feature of other providers. Otherwise, VirtualPBX’s service works well.


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Richard Parris is the Managing Editor of TechCo.

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