Get Hired: A User’s Guide to thePortfolium

June 21, 2013

9:22 am

It’s okay, fella. Everyone’s feeling down nowadays. Game of Thrones is done for the season, Baby Yeezus was just born, and high school students are running free and ruining our summer days again. Breathe. I may have some news that will cheer you up! Your potato chip artwork might finally help get you a job…but that’s only if you follow this user’s guide to thePortfolium.

Neal Bloom and Adam Markowitz know that resumes can never tell the whole story. Sometimes there are experiences that don’t fit neatly into the “academic” or the “professional” categories, but are all the while helpful in portraying who you are, what you can bring to a job, and where you fit in. That’s why they created thePortfolium – a social platform that allows you to share these extracurricular experiences (alongside traditional resume and portfolio materials) with hiring companies.

“Students don’t realize that the things they do [every day] can make them stand out if showcased in a portfolio. Volunteer work, athletics, projects, etc. can all be used [to land a job],” says Royce Rowan, cofounder and VP of marketing. Add some images of your potato chip art, and suddenly you’re a little more marketable.

ThePortfolium provides employers with a more holistic view of job applicants. Providing visuals of past projects or endeavors gives these job applicants a medium to showcase their talent beyond what is represented on the lines of a resume. This, of course, doesn’t mean that job hunters should abandon the traditional resume or the use of LinkedIn. Rather, “[they can] use these entries to enhance the bullet points on their resume and LinkedIn,” says Rowan.

When asked how a user can most benefit from using thePortfolium, Rowan responded with eight specific tips:

  1. Create [a] custom URL for [a] quick and easy link [to your] resume.
  2. Use keywords to make entries searchable and visible to employers.
  3. Keep your portfolio up to date with your latest events, experiences, and work.
  4. Engage with other users, comment, provide feedback, and ask for some in return.
  5. Reach out to fields of study outside your own for new ideas and people to collaborate with, as well as alumni from your university.
  6. Create a group to engage with like-minded people across all fields of study.
  7. SHARE SHARE SHARE. Attach your Portfolium to your resume, email signature, and LinkedIn profile. Share on all of your social networks. You never know who will come across it and find you and your skills/experience valuable.

Get out there and land yourself a brand-spanking new (or first) job! Check out thePortfolium, and start making your portfolio today!

ThePortfolium is a showcasing startup at our Tech Cocktail San Diego mixer on June 27 – join us!

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