Vocus’ #Demand14 Indicators For Success: Not Working, a Vampire Room, The Pirate Bay, and Sexy Magic

June 13, 2014

5:50 pm

Vocus Demand Success 2014 Conference

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“PR Is NOT about media relations. PR is about communication and community.” – Shonali Burke (@shonali)

Life is hectic. Running a startup is hectic. Marketing and PR is hectic. And… you’re not alone. All the connections you’ve built, all the people you’ve helped, that’s your community!

Last week at the Gaylord Convention Center, Vocus held their 14th annual Demand Success Conference where 800+ attendees filled the sessions on marketing and PR. Keynotes by Randi Zuckerberg (@randizuckerberg), Adrian Grenier (@adriangrenier), Avinash Kushik (@avinash) and Judy Smith (@JudySmith_) further livened the atmosphere.

Indicator for success #1: Not Working

Sit back and relax, ha! not quite. In Randi Zuckerberg’s 10 point talk about trends in technology, her first was “The age of the entre-ployee.” At Facebook, hackathons were events where employees could not work on any work projects but could only develop their passion projects. When tinkering around with their passion projects, many of Facebook’s features came from not the top executives but from interns and entry-level hires! So if you’re looking to take your startup to the next level, strongly consider… not working aka hackathons.

Indicator for success #2: Vampire Rooms

Chris Brogan began his session by telling a tale from his previous evening’s living arrangements at the Gaylord Hotel. Through various booking arrangements, for one reason or another, all the normal sized rooms at the Gaylord Hotel were booked–completely. Chris was given a key swipe for a room that turned out to be ENORMOUS in space, but lacking one essential feature–a bed (or as Chris calls it, “a Vampire Room”). Luckily, a kind and brave Vocus employee quickly swapped rooms with Chris’ Vampire Room and all was well (except for the missing Vocus employee, sike!).

Chris continued his presentation to expand upon the word “Monchu.” Monchu is an Okinawan word that means “one family” or the family we choose. All of us in the room shared in the retold experience of the Vampire Room and bonded, you could even call us a monchu 😉 You might not have stayed in the exact same “Vampire Room” in your life, but likely you have your own stories of a “Vampire Room” that you can share to foster the bond in your monchu.

Indicator for success #3: The Pirate Bay

The whitepapers Chris Penn wrote were so valuable someone decided to steal and copy them onto The Pirate Bay! Content marketing can come in any medium (writing, photos, videos, etc), but it must be amazing and infectious. If you’re not generating relatable and/or actionable amazing content, you’re likely not being shared and even less likely, copied and pirated.

Indicator for success #4: BOOM! Sexy Magic!

In Avinash Kushik’s keynote about “precision decisions” or analytics, he stresses the importance of analytics but more importantly the customer experience. Without a customer experience that wows!, it’s likely that you’ll never get the analytics you’ve been so eager to track. And if you’re as excited as Avinash is about analytics, once you see the results… it’s like BOOM! Sexy Magic!

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ps: “Monchu” reminds me of “Ohana” from Disney’s 2002 film, Lilo & Stitch 😛

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