Voice-to-Emoji Translation Now Available with Speeji

April 1, 2015

2:00 pm

Voice-to-Emoji Translation Made Easy with Thunderbolt Studios' SpeejiWhat do you get when you combine voice translation and emojis? If you’re an iOS user, you get Speeji.

Developed in partnership with Beverly Hills’ Thunderbolt Studios, Speeji turns voice messages into emojis for sharing via text message, social media, or email. Founded by Nick Bascue and Aleks Taldykin, Speeji lets you record your message on your iPhone and then automatically converts your audio message into emojis. You can choose from a variety of offered emoji summaries and then share your message on your platform of choice. Copy/paste your translated emoji message into an email, tweet it to your tribe, or post on your Facebook wall.

Speeji’s founders have taken a circuitous route to the mobile development space. Nick Bascue  is the president of Quantum Jets, an on-demand charter brokerage for private jets. Also a partner at The Screening Room Bar and Aventine Hollywood restaurant, Speeji is Nick’s first foray into the mobile development space. Aleks Taldykin is a former luxury yacht captain who now sells and charters luxury yachts to elite clientele around the globe via Elite Yacht Management (President/CEO). Both avid emoji users, Nick and Aleks found themselves wondering why there wasn’t an easier way to ‘talk’ in emojis instead of wasting time scouring through emoji banks searching for just the right emoji. Thus began their path to Speeji.

Choose From Emoji Suggestions

The Speeji team partnered with Thunderbolt Studios to begin the long and complicated process of developing software to translate voice to images and then match those images to the appropriate emoji. Thunderbolt Studios is led by CEO/Founder Tolga Onuk (previous stints include Electronic Arts, Spin Master, and HYFN). The Thunderbolt design and development team creates digital applications for multiple platforms including LA’s top digital startups such as Curbstand, Grassp, Massoo, Ourhouse, and coming soon, Propicks. (They are also in the process of launching a private crowdfunding network, the Thunderbolt Engine, to help early investors discover new startups and mobile applications.) This pairing with the Thunderbolt team has set Speeji on the fast track towards further innovations. With an Instagram feature already in the works as well as an Android version, this is only the beginning for the team as they work towards integrating multiple language translation features into Speeji. They also plan to offer an emoji-to-words translation feature.

If you want to try speech-to-emoji translation for yourself, you can download Speeji at http://speeji.com. To discover more about Thunderbolt Studios, connect with the team at http://thunderbo.lt.


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