This Solar-Powered Volta Flyer Airplane Is Perfect for Kids

December 3, 2015

7:00 pm

If you’re looking for a fun and tech savvy holiday gift this year, there’s a startup out there called Volta Flyer that will make your old paper airplanes look horribly outdated. Built by ToyLabs, the modern toy plane is a do-it-yourself gadget that uses renewable energy to power a motor paired with a propeller in the back side and achieves a long-lasting flight. Currently, the Volta Flyer is in Kickstarter and looking to secure around $10,000 over the next 13 remaining days on the clock.

The Volta Flyer is made of ultra-light and eco-friendly materials to boost up its maximum flight time and uses the sun’s energy via a flexible silicon solar panel. This mini-panel avoids the use of heavy batteries. Further, the airplane requires only 90 seconds of pointing the panel towards the sun to be fully charged and it houses a button which, when pressed, boosts up velocity at the start. All you have to do from there is hand-launch the Volta.

As all parts of this solar-powered toy plane are detachable, kids will have to assemble all the components – but that’s a good thing if you like getting kids interested in STEM early on. Building the plane is not tough and is not required the use of any special tool or glues. Besides, in the box is included a printed assembling instruction and a basic information about aeronautics, flying techniquies, basic science, solar energy and engineering. This whole set of science introduction and assembling process is made for educational purposes besides the main entertaining purpose.

The ToyLabs is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter where the Volta Flyer is available to pre0order for $40. Just few years ago the same makers of this advanced hand-launch plane introduced the successor Volta Racer, another toy made with recyclable products that uses solar energy as fuel.

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