Startup of the Year

Who should be named Startup of the Year from the Central South [Austin] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate! and Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in Austin:

Ads For The Road (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Ads For The Road brings outdoor advertising into the digital age with powerful analytics similar to online advertising.

Chiron Health (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Chiron Health is a modern telemedicine platform that allows physicians to see their patients over secure video and receive full reimbursement.

Cingo (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Cingo helps ecommerce companies convert more customers by keeping them in the app for customer service instead of sending them to email or a phone call. (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]’s lightweight travel policy Chrome extension shows employees what to book on any site, tracks expenses and rewards savings.

Guitar Now (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Easily attach Guitar Now to any acoustic or electric guitar, select a chord insert, push down on the buttons and strum. Viola, a perfectly formed chord!

Homads (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Be free. Rent Freely. Homads is a market network for rentals of 30 or more days that lets anyone find, talk, and rent within their community.

IDEGO (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
IDEGO leverages virtual reality technology to breakthrough stigma and boundaries in seeking care for mental health with self-directed accessible care.

Locus Tracking (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Locus Tracking is an artificial intelligence company that has developed gaze tracking software to enable users to control their phone with their eyes.

Loom (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Loom is the first work-for-equity platform that connects entrepreneurs with web developers to bring ideas to life.

Makerarm (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Makerarm is a factory for the desktop. With interchangeable heads it can 3D print, mill, laser cut, engrave, and do much more!

Maply (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Maply builds real-time maps for cities and events. They connect users to everything happening right here, right now.

Muxy (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Muxy is a platform for live video broadcasters and developers to create interactive apps and games.

Organiponic (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Organiponic uses hydroponics and advanced monitoring technology to let consumers grow vegetables and herbs at home pesticide-free year round.

Partake (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Partake connects every golf course with their customers to provide an on-demand purchasing experience.

Price (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Price is an omni-channel enterprise shipping platform that connects shippers directly to carriers.

ResilientGrid (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
ResilientGrid ingests data about the electric grid. It interacts with operators through an intuitive interface and outputs a safer grid.

ResponderX (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
ResponderX is a technology company focused on first responder safety.

ROIKOI (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
ROIKOI helps companies improve diversity, hire faster, and build stronger teams by matching the top 6 percent of their employee network to open jobs.

SandBox Commerce (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
SandBox Commerce is a platform for retailers to build a fully native mobile iOS and Android app for their eCommerce store in less than a week!

ScaleFactor (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
ScaleFactor is the automated bookkeeping platform that manages your daily cash and finance tasks so you can make better financial decisions faster.

SchooLinks (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
SchooLinks is an online platform simplifying college planning for high school students. They break down the entire college planning process into bite-sized pieces so students know what to do and when to do it.

Self Lender (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Self lender helps people build credit with a simple, 12-month savings plan.

Snaplitics (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Snaplitics is a quick, comprehensive, drag-and-drop platform to create, host and optimize your website.

Solidface Technology (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
SolidFace is a smart manufacturing SAAS company. Their software allows anyone to collaborate with colleagues, vendors and partners in real time.

The Folde (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
At the click of a button, The Folde picks up your dirty laundry and dry cleaning and delivers it back so clean you could eat off it!

The Techmap (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
The TechMap helps newcomers, job seekers, investors and entrepreneurs discover and engage with Austin’s tech and startup ecosystem.

Velocity Vue (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Velocity Vue makes it easy for contractors and others to comply with industry regulations.

Vuevent (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Vuevent is a full-service platform that helps people discover events they’ll love in their local communities while providing event organizers a seamless, automated, private-labeled application for their event.

Well Beyond Care (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Well Beyond Care is a online caregiving matchmaker service that is disrupting and disintermediating private duty care and taking care to the next level.

WholeSplit (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
WholeSplit is a dynamic crowd-funding platform for businesses and individuals to buy at costs, direct from the source, aimed to revolutionize the way we buy what we need.

Xplosion Technology Corporation (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Xplosion develops motion tracking sensor technology that improves the training and performance of athletes in baseball and beyond.

Xyber Technologies (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]
Xyber Technologies is dedicated to reducing the impact data centers are having on the environment by cutting their power consumption and increasing computational density to reduce their physical footprint.

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