Which Startup Should Win Invest Southwest’s Venture Madness? [POLL]

March 3, 2016

1:26 pm

The city of Phoenix, AZ has blown up recently as a hot startup ecosystem. For example, just last week the city played host to Startup Week, which selectively chooses the cities that have the most up-and-coming and unique startup cultures. It has also been recognized as a top city for Hispanic tech entrepreneurs.

So it should be no surprise that a huge startup competition is currently underway in this desert city. At the beginning of February, Invest Southwest, an organization that connects investors with the best and brightest ventures in the region, announced the top 16 early-stage startups of Venture Madness 2016 . These finalists were narrowed down from 64 in a head-to-head bracket style competition.

This is the third year of the competition and the stakes have doubled. Invest Southwest Chairman Mario Martinez, who is also the managing director of Mrtnz Ventures, is putting up $100k of his own money to double the winning pot to $200k. The top three Venture Madness startups will go home with prize money – the winner taking home $120k.

From March 2-4 the top 16 will be competing in head-to-head competitions. The four finalists will battle it out on March 4th and the winners of Venture Madness will be announced at the end of the day.

“As Venture Madness evolves, so does the quality of our competing companies and the process to select the winners,” Martinez told the Phoenix Biz Journal. “As a result, Mrtnz Ventures has allocated $100,000 to invest in the final four companies.”

So who are the 16 startups who will be battling each other for the grand prize? Here is a little bit about them:


Aquatricity delivers a power and water control system that addresses the problems of energy and water scarcity faced by underserved communities worldwide. Their self-contained system combines and controls diverse and intermittent power sources such as solar, batteries and diesel in order to provide communities access to electricity and water (through water pumping, transportation and storage).


ClearVoice has developed a scalable workflow system and content tools, creator marketplace, and support services to help companies produce great content – and improve their rankings, social status, and online leads and sales.


eVisit is Skype™ for healthcare practices and hospital systems; but unlike Skype it is 100% HIPAA compliant. Their B2B softwareas-a-service platform and mobile applications allow physicians, physician’s assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) to treat their patients anytime, anywhere via secure 2-way video chat.

Iron Horse Diagnostics

Iron Horse has two diagnostic products in development, but will focus this application on the diagnostic for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease). The diagnostic will be market ready as a laboratory developed test (LDT) after a final validation study to be completed in early 2016 conducted with non-dilutive grant funding from NIH, the ALS Association and big Pharma partner Biogen Idec.


SmartField by MobileLogix is the world’s only SaaS based mobile app designed for field service companies to increase sales and reduce operating expenses by predicating and planning resources with algorithms to optimize and improve service performance.

NuvOx Pharma

NuvOx Pharma is developing a platform of drugs that reduce tissue hypoxia in order to treat several lifethreatening medical conditions. The first life-threatening condition to be targeted is cancer, where most solid tumors are hypoxic which reduces their response to radiation therapy.


Omedix is a SaaS digital health company providing an integrated cloud-based line of patient engagement offerings addressing the needs of patients, providers, medical practices, insurers and healthcare systems.


ParkX (formerly Park Genius) allows parking providers to process cashless payments by utilizing an entirely cloud-based mobile payment application solution that lets motorists pay for parking directly through their phone. Their completely cloudbased service gives parking providers the opportunity to avoid purchasing new and expensive hardware that accepts credit cards (up to $10,000 per unit).


RevolutionParts is a SaaS eCommerce company that makes it easy for automotive dealerships and aftermarket retailers to sell car parts online. RevolutionParts simplifies the otherwise complicated task of selling parts across multiple channels while maintaining profitability in a highly competitive market.


RightBio Metrics is a medical device specification development company that designs, patents, manufactures and markets medical devices. RightBio Metrics offers 3 new pH measurement devices (RightSpot pH Indicator, RightSpot Infant pH Indicator, and RightLevel pH Detector) that allow clinicians to safely and accurately obtain a pH measurement of gastric fluid from nasogastric feeding, suction and PEG tubes.


SalesFitRx is a radical new solution that attacks the problem of missed sales quotas from a completely new angle. Working in the background while salespeople simply go about their job, SalesFitRx gathers data from a dozen streams, passes it through a proprietary big-data, data-analytics pattern-recognition engine and equips sales management with the unique, new, never-before-available information they need to dramatically improve efficiency and processes.


Shelvspace is a leading provider of mobile solutions for the Consumer Product Goods Industry. They provide mobile technology that helps CPG (consumer product goods) sales teams better identify store level opportunities, grow sales, and manage their business.


SimpleWan has an intelligent automated solution in an efficient package combining hardware and SAAS that makes active security available to companies of all sizes. With over 1,000 installed users and a rapidly growing recurring revenue base, SimpleWan is the ADT of cybersecurity

Smart Clinic

Smart Clinic sells a mobile first patient engagement platform to doctors who want to improve patient outcomes, reduce overhead and increase revenue in their office. Unlike the thousands of other apps out there, we consolidate multiple services such as doctor’s instructions for medication and follow up appointments into one easy to use portal.


The tsunami of worldwide climate change legislation is mandating the reduction of Green House Gases. Space heat represents the largest single energy use in the average building per the US Department of Energy. SolarThermiX’s innovative solar air heater represents the most cost effective solution to minimize fossil fuel use.

The Medical Memory

The Medical Memory enhances doctor-patient communication through secure medical video recording. This positively impacts patient satisfaction, compliance, and overall quality of care. By empowering patients and providers throughout the continuum of care, patients stay on track and better outcomes are achieved.

Which of these is your favorite to win? Let us know by voting here. The winner will be invited to Tech.Co’s Celebrate 2016 to participate in our global finals Startup of the Year competition.


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