Startup of the Year

Who should be named Startup of the Year from the Northeast [New England] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in the Northeast [New England] region:

AMA XPERTEYE (Cambridge, MA) [Click to Vote]
AMA XPERTEYE’s smartglasses-based See-what-I-See solution help businesses of all sizes save time, money and even sometimes lives.

BeautyLynk (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
BeautyLynk brings hair and makeup pros to your doorstep! Convenient and professional services for all.

Blog Trackr (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
A fully customized and automated newsfeed for your blog at the click of a button.

BLOSSOM (Middletown, CT) [Click to Vote]
BLOSSOM is the affordable, online capacity building tool for nonprofit leaders, offering applied learning and personalized coaching for real time results.

BodyRecog Metrics (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
BodyRecog provides health risk assessment for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer based on a person’s 3D scan.

CareAcademy (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
CareAcademy provides online professional development for caregivers so they can provide excellent care for older adults and loved ones.

Chimani (Portland, ME) [Click to Vote]
Chimani helps visitors to national parks save time and money, and improve their overall experience.

DIABNEXT (Cambridge, MA) [Click to Vote]
DIABNEXT® offers the world’s first artificial intelligence assistant for Diabetes Management. Say goodbye to manually keeping track of your diabetes metrics.

Fit on the Fly (Andover, MA) [Click to Vote]
Fit on the fly is an is an all access and all inclusive workout facility that any person through the designated security checkpoint can utilize at any hour the airport is open for a low priced daily pass. Perfect for individuals seeking a full cardio and lifting workout followed by warm shower as well as those wanting a quick 15 minute stretch before their flight.

GeniCan (Newtown, CT) [Click to Vote]
GeniCan is a first-of-its-kind product allowing users to make grocery lists easily and automatically by turning any trash can or recycle bin into a smart one.

Greathorn (Belmont, MA) [Click to Vote]

GreenSight Agronomics (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
The automated turf grass and agricultural intelligence service. We provide drone-enabled water and chemical management technology to golf courses and farms.

hooked. app (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
Hooked. Is the anonymous crush app for people you actually know.

IMMAD (Quincy, MA) [Click to Vote]
IMMAD is an objective test of marijuana impairment to drive.

invisaWear Technologies (Nashua, MA) [Click to Vote]
invisaWear creates smart jewelry that allow users to instantly contact friends, family and police in the event of an emergency.

iRewardHealth (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
iRewardHealth clears the last hurdle in employee wellness by turning healthy actions into cash.

Ivory Ella (Westerly, RI) [Click to Vote]
Ivory Ella is a social media driven retailer. Our motto is “Good Clothes for a Good Cause” donating 10 percent of profits to Saving the Elephants. (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
Leading entrepreneurs are unaware of the money they’re making from their savings. Use Keel to rank your investment returns among peers.

LetsAllDoGood (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
LetsAllDoGood enable any cause to reach any supporter on any smartphone. It’s remarkably simple and completely free.

LocationCertified (Framingham, MA) [Click to Vote]
America’s only fair housing safe way to promote the desirable location of a home. Guaranteed to help agents get more listings, Location Certified also helps sellers get better terms and buyers easily find their perfect home.

Nano OPS (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
Nano OPS, Inc. presents a disruptive technology for printing nano and microelectronics that will forever change the electronics and sensors landscape. Our printing technology costs 10 to 100 times less than conventional fabrication. It can print circuits a 1000 times smaller and a 1000 times faster than inkjet or 3D printing.

OCC Youth Unleashed (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
OCC Youth Unleashed is a youth led non-profit organization that strives to increase youth engagement in community centers and youth programs across Boston. OCC Youth Unleashed solves this problem by creating a user-friendly mobile application with information from each center, as well as hosting youth engagement opportunities.

OffGridBox (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
OffGridBox brings clean water and power to anyone, anywhere.

Perseus Mirrors (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
Perseus is a consumer tech startup that seeks to makes surfaces smart. The flagship product is the Perseus Mirror, a smart, connected mirror that transforms the getting ready routine.

REWOP (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
REWOP is an app that helps people find places to charge their devices.

ScholarJet (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
ScholarJet is the future of scholarships. We are changing the way students finance their education and influence the way that donors give through action-based scholarships. We are not just streamlining scholarship creation- we are creating an end-to-end solution from administering, judging, to awarding.

Seceon (Westford, MA) [Click to Vote]
Seceon is singularly focused on enabling organizations to see cyber threats clearly and quickly, stop threats from inflicting extensive damage through surgical containment and elimination and to predict insider attacks through behavioral threat detection modeling and machine learning.

Sleepbox (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
Sleepbox provides modular, private and soundproof pods for public spaces for rest, nap, meditation, focus, and breastfeeding.

Stock Market Sensei (Cambridge, MA) [Click to Vote]
Patented machine learning powered stock predictions with transparent accuracy rates and intuition training games for financial intelligence.

Strength of Two (Wolcott, CT) [Click to Vote]
Strength of Two allows people at risk of self-harm to connect with supporters. An alert is sent to supporters’ phones if danger is detected.

The Green Line (Cambridge, MA) [Click to Vote]
The Green Line is a marketplace for sustainable shopping. You shop and we reduce the impact. All products are shipped carbon neutral and we offer a take back program for items that cannot be recycled through municipal programs.

UniteGPS (Portland, ME) [Click to Vote]
The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. UniteGPS delivers solutions that coordinate people, places and things.

UrSure (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
UrSure Inc. is an HIV prevention company. We make diagnostic tests to help physicians monitor and improve their patients’ adherence to medications that protect them from HIV.

Woobo (Cambridge, MA) [Click to Vote]
Do your kids love minions, Baymax or WALL-E? Woobo is the best educational robot for them to have, who can chat, tell stories or even make stories with them. Great companion for kids and best helper for parents.

WorkAround (Boston, MA) [Click to Vote]
WorkAround is an online platform that connects refugees with companies to deliver online micro tasks.

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