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Who should be named Startup of the Year from the West [Pacific – San Francisco] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in San Francisco:

Alpharank (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Alpharank is an advanced analytics engine that helps banks and credit unions use the trick T-Mobile used to cut their churn by 50 percent in a single quarter.

Appinio (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Appinio is a social mobile app for opinions that enables companies to generate consumer insights from highly specific audiences in real-time.

Ario (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Ario has developed a smart lighting system that learns about the user and helps improve sleep and health. Ario is the only light that adjusts light direction, color and intensity automatically throughout the day, personalized to the individual.

Bouxtie (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Bouxtie replaces plastic gift cards with a personalized digital gifting experience for consumers and recognition platform for employers.

Breinify (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Breinify is the leading time-driven artificial intelligence engine predicting an individual’s highly dynamic interests.

Chui (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Chui is an intelligent access control company that utilizes machine learning and facial recognition to provide seamless access control and analytics.

Cnote (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
CNote Savings helps celebrate good savers by earning them 2.5 percent, that’s 40x more than a traditional savings account. CNote does this by working with a government-backed program, CDFI, to create what the public rarely hears about in finance.

Court Buddy (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Court Buddy is a legal tech platform that matches users with freelance attorneys based on their budget.

FenSens (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
The world’s first wireless parking sensor and app. The sensor installs in less than 5 min, comes with no wires and a hands-free app.

Filegear (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Filegear consolidates all files, organizes them automatically and brings them online privately from home.

Fingertips Labs (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Fingertips Labs created O6, the first product to create eyes-free browsing. O6 has several integrative pilot projects underway, working with automotive companies to equip the next generation of vehicles with their proprietary technology.

FriendlyData (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
FriendlyData helps businesses make data accessible for non-technical people by providing a natural language interface to databases.

Frontdoor (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Frontdoor is an intelligent lead management solution that helps agents be more productive and offers a seamless search experience to renters.

FundPaaS (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
FundPaaS provides all-in-one technology solutions for crowdfunding. Their technology simplifies the process, and significantly lowers the cost and time to on-board an issuer and its investors.

Gofind.AI (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Gofind.AI is building a machine learning powered app and chat bot for mobile shopping.

Golden (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Golden is an easy-to-use and secure financial assistant that helps assure the health and financial security of loved ones as they get older.

Instreamatic (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Instreamatic is an AI-powered voice platform for publishers, providing a voice recognition layer for content navigation and advertising engagement. They help well-known audio publishers introduce voice-response features and monetize via interactive audio ads.

Joonko (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Joonko is the first AI-powered diversity and inclusion coach for companies that identifies and solves unconscious bias in real-time.

JOY (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
JOY builds technology for families with the first icon based schedule watch known as the Octopus. The watch empowers kids by teaching them good habits and the concept of time.

KardZee (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
KardZee is a mobile gifting app to send real handwritten cards with gifts via a smartphone. Create it and they’ll mail it. It’s personal.

krtkl (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Krtkl solves problems others are afraid to touch, embedded and system-level solutions for mission, critical robotics, vision, communications, and more. (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote] is the first of its kind, on-demand up streaming comedy service. They have the largest catalog of company representing over 650 comedians—from Aziz Ansari to Weird Al Yanjovic.

Level Therapy (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Level Therapy is a mobile platform that provides treatment tools and video access to licensed psychotherapists.

Lifeliqe (San Francisco, CA)[Click to Vote]
Lifeliqe is the world’s first visual publishing platform presenting complete interactive 3D middle school science curriculum.

Literator (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Literator is a software tool that serves as a literacy coach and personal assistant to teachers. It is an edtech tool that works within instructional time to provide great data, freeing schools from testing which is slow and inefficient.

Metadata (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Metadata provides an AI-based account-based targeting platform for B2B companies.

Miracle Messages(San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Miracle Messages reconnects homeless people with their loved ones to help them get off the streets, using video messages and social media.

More Fitt (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Train with the world’s top trainers, fitness icons, and athletes on the More Fitt app. More Fitt builds custom software and mobile apps for gyms, mainly geared toward their front end consumers.

Mosaikx (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Hipo by Mosaikx is the World’s First wearable caregiver that provides better care for patients with Alzheimer’s by allowing their family members to monitor their daily essentials and stay connected.

NotAnotherOne (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Atmotube, created by NotAnotherOne is the first truly personal, most affordable and most compact air quality tracker. Atmotube constantly monitors the nearby environment.

Nutrigene (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Brew personalized, fresh, liquid vitamins to optimize health through Nutrigene’s in-home ‘vitamin espresso machine’.

OpenInvest (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
OpenInvest is a social impact investing platform for retail investors. It uses proprietary technology to empower a user’s values and lets them take action, while their investments stay diversified and broadly tracking the performance of the market.

Pawprint (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Pawprint is the official medical record for pets. Their platform handles all the paperwork needed to connect pet parents with veterinarians and service providers (groomers, daycares, boarders).

PopUpsters (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
PopUpsters is an online marketplace that helps businesses find space and events to reach customers offline. The VMS is a DIY platform to find vendors, manage communications, process permits and accept payments.

Prescribe Nutrition (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Prescribe Nutrition encourages people to rebel against the diet. Their interactive program and subscription service empowers users to understand how they should eat, what they should eat and how to eat it.

Qebot (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Qebot simplifies access and management of technology for SMB’s through consolidating business applications into a single platform.

Raccoon.World (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Raccoon.World is a company that creates gadgets for hands, based on spatialization, tracking, reproduction of fine motor skills and tactile perception.

RealtyReturns (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
RealtyReturns is an equity crowdfunding platform democratizing real estate investing. Via Title III of the 2012 JOBS Act, they are enabling non-accredited investors—95.2% of Americans—to invest in income-generating real estate like the wealthy always have for the first time in 84 years.

RushTix (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
RushTix is a new way to discover local arts and culture. A membership gets culture seekers on the guest list to new and undiscovered experiences like theater, comedy, dance, concerts, art exhibits, festivals and other intriguing events.

Sentio (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
The Superbook by Sentio is empowering the next billion students and knowledge workers by giving “laptop superpowers” to smartphones.

Sextant Travel (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Sextant is a photo-based app that allows anyone to discover and save places. They curate lists of high end places and feature them on their app in a digestible and easy-to-discover way!

SmartBeings (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Smart Beings is combining device intelligence, cloud connectivity and feature-rich applications to solve real-world problems for intelligent security, facility awareness and virtual collaboration.

SnapCheck (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
SnapCheck is on a mission to eliminate paper checks and empower businesses to cross the digital divide in payments and save $50B annually.

Suggestic (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Suggestic delivers actionable suggestions that help people make the right nutrition decisions at key moments in their day.

Tagove (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Live chat software with video chat, voice call and co-browsing within websites with one click on button.

Talent Map (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Talent map gives anyone the opportunity to share their talent in a smart way. Upbringing and revealing children’s talents through safe social networks interaction.

Text To Ticket (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Text To Ticket helps make roads safer by reducing distracted driving. They pay for user-submitted videos that catch texting and driving in the act.

TransferTravel (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote], the only P2P travel marketplace. Turning cancellations into opportunities for all those with unwanted travel tickets.

Visabot (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Visabot is an immigration robot powered by artificial intelligence, which aims to ease the visa application process for individuals looking to enter the United States of America.

Vitls (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Vitls is a platform that enables healthcare providers to remotely and continuously monitor a patient’s vital signs, reliably and undisturbed.

Win Win (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
Win Win uses augmented reality to gamify philanthropy. It’s the Powerball Lottery meets Pokemon GO!

ZenSports (San Francisco, CA) [Click to Vote]
ZenSports lets anyone find and connect with friends and others to play sports. Download the app now and get on the field!

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