Startup of the Year

Who should be named Startup of the Year from the International [France] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate! and Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in France:

3dRudder (Marseille, FR) [Click to Vote]
Discover the intuitive, natural, amazing feeling of getting your feet into the game with 3dRudder foot-powered gaming and VR motion controller.

42tea (Clermont-Ferrand, FR) [Click to Vote]
42tea makes tea drinker’s life easier with an assistant for tea preparation combined with a personal advisor for tea.

AUGMENTED ACOUSTICS (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
We offer spectators to access high-resolution, personalized and multi tracks sound for a unique immersive experience with their favorite artist in concert.

BidMotion (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
BidMotion is a mobile data driven company used by world wide app developers to reach their next top paying user.

Catspad (Toulouse, FR) [Click to Vote]
Catspad provides fresh food and water for pet cats controlled by smartphone anywhere in the world!

CWB (Saint-Gervazy, FR) [Click to Vote]
Opla is a conversational robot for businesses. Need a website? Just ask Opla. But it is much more, a full open source conversational platform linked to a wide range of services.

CybelAngel (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
CybelAngel explores the non-indexed Internet to protect major firms from costly data leaks.

Fenotek (Marseille, FR) [Click to Vote]
Fenotek presents a connected video doorbell designed to welcome guests and protect homes.

Gaspard (Nantes, FR) [Click to Vote]
Gaspard, the positioning tracker for wheelchairs users. Connected with your smartphone, Gaspard will alert you when are badly positioned.

Happeez SAS (Clermont-Ferrand, FR) [Click to Vote]
Happeez SAS platform simplifies parenting with connected devices to make life with a little one simple and magical.

Hease Robotics (Lyon, FR) [Click to Vote]
HEASE Robotics: a robot at your service, designed to always have an answer for your questions. The first robot tailored for the retail industry, HEASE can inform, entertain, guide and welcome you.

IN&MOTION (Chavanod – Annecy, FR) [Click to Vote]
In&motion develops smart wearable airbag systems that reduce injuries in case of fall for every situation such as riding horse, bikes or skis.

Jagger & Lewis (Lille, FR) [Click to Vote]
Jagger & Lewis imagined the first smart collar capable of understanding dog’s behaviors. Their collars watch them as well as advise and warn us at the earliest when they don’t feel well. (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
Making outbound sales lead-generation easy for B2B companies.

Miliboo (Chavanod, FR) [Click to Vote]
Miliboo Corp. envisions and manufactures contemporary innovative furniture that delivers strong added value to consumers. This is how EKKO, the first smart mirror on the market, was born.

Miraxess (Lyon, FR) [Click to Vote]
Mirabook, a laptop extension for Smartphone. To unleash the real power of the tiny computer that holds in your hand, simply turn it into real laptop.

NaturSoftware (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
NaturSoftware IRIS the first human-centered enterprise collaboration technology that understands human beings, not the other way around artificial intelligence.

Novathings (Meyreuil, FR) [Click to Vote]
Novathings specializes in the design of connected objects and devices for the protection of digital life.

Optinvent (Rennes, FR) [Click to Vote]
Optinvent is here to disrupt the mobile music and entertainment experience with a new kind of wearable: ORA-X, the world’s first smart AR headphone!

PARTNERING ROBOTICS (Cergy, FR) [Click to Vote]
Partnering Robotics introduces Diya One Well-Being, the world’s first neuro-inspired robot dedicated to the occupant’s wellbeing.

PiggyTag (Paris,FR) [Click to Vote]
PiggyTag is the world’s first digital tagging solution and appraisals on-demand for all things collectable. (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote] continuous deployment cloud hosting is the most extreme version of DevOps. Run a single app or a thousand with the same amount of effort.

Plume Labs (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
Plume Labs creates smart devices and apps, fighting air pollution with world’s first crowdsourced, hardware-enabled global envir data platform.

Reminiz (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
In a single tap, Reminiz identifies any public figure on your TV screen, actor, politics, sportsmen, singers or writers, in order to provide you with all the information in a snap. This includes videos, news, related products and social networks of the celebrity.

Seaver (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
Seaver is a French startup developing connected equipment for horses. They want to enhance traditional training methods for equestrian sports.

Sensorwake (Nantes, FR) [Click to Vote]
Sensorwake is the first olfactory alarm-clock, a connected device that helps people fall asleep and improve their sleep quality, using the power of scents.

Smart & Blue (Grenoble, FR) [Click to Vote]
Hydrao is the world’s first smart showerhead that enables significant water and energy savings…effortlessly!

SPARTAN (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
SPARTAN is the first stylish high-tech boxer brief that protects your health and fertility.

Tempow (Paris, FR) [Click to Vote]
Tempow developed a Bluetooth protocol which allows to connect any device, like smartphones, to several Bluetooth speakers or headsets.

WeCashUp (Marseille, FR) [Click to Vote]
WeCashUp is the world’s first universal mobile money platform that enables digital companies around the globe to accept mobile money payments online from unbanked people in Africa. 800 million unbanked, 155 mobile money wallets, 54 countries, 1 single API.

Yumii (Roubaix, FR) [Click to Vote]
Yumii recreate social link by connecting isolated people with the outside world thanks to Cutii, its companion robot.

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