Startup of the Year

Who should be named Startup of the Year from the Northeast [Middle Atlantic – New York City] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in New York City:

101 (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
101 is reimagining the college STEM classroom with active learning tools that promote student engagement.

Elemental Path (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Elemental Path created CogniToys, the curious smart toy Dinos that learn and grow with kids—all without the need for a screen!

1Huddle (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Corporate training today is boring, outdated and ineffective. With 1Huddle, anyone can create quick burst mobile training games. Fun and effective for today’s workforce.

ADIFF (Brooklyn, NY) [Click to Vote]
ADIFF is a humanitarian fashion startup that utilizes the fashion industry to provide aid for global displacement. Built on a donation-based business model, our innovative and transformable products provide solutions for the immediate needs of displacement, while also being relevant in today’s consumer outerwear market.

Adisun and Ed (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
“Get Luxury, Give Knowledge.” Adisun+Ed is a socially conscious brand that specializes in handbags. Buy a Bag, Adisun+Ed gives a backpack. (New York, NY) [Click to Vote] provides developers of all sizes with instant access to the same APIs and toolsets used by the world’s largest corporations, at a fraction of the cost.

Astrohaus (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Astrohaus is building thoughtfully designed products for the creator community, specifically writers. Where others try to package features, they create ‘flow’ rich environments with minimal distraction for maximum productivity.

Auctio (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Auctio is a referral management and tracking software for B2B companies. They make it very easy for companies to launch and manage referral programs.

Bignay (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Bignay Inc. combines software and hardware to solve issues within urban areas. Their first product is Gi Fly, a smart, electric, maintenance-free bicycle that folds in one second and in one motion.

Bookstr (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Bookstr is a content site geared toward millennial woman. They aim to empower, enlighten and entertain through book culture. They are soon expanding into other verticals like travel, beauty, and more.

Bstow (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Bstow is a PaaS that automatically donates spare change from everyday purchases to a charity of choice. Branded applications available!

BusBot (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
BusBot helps intercity bus companies set smarter prices and schedules.

Cadence (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Cadence helps host events that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Cardiomo Care (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Cardiomo is a wearable biosensor that tracks the main vitals important for preventing diseases and recommending on healthy lifestyle.

CHRGR (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
CHRGR has created the first piece of advertising people want to take home and use again. They distribute brand-sponsored, card-sized phone batteries through thousands of lifestyle venues nationwide. CHRGR fits in a pocket and immediately powers any iPhone or Android.

Clubhouse (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Clubhouse is a project management tool that scales with teams. It’s mix of simple design and complex features allows software teams of all sizes to build out their products with ease. They tend to work with small-mid sized companies and Clubhouse’s building enterprise features to compete with the JIRA’s of the world.

Croissant (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Croissant is the magic pass that makes creating from anywhere possible. They’ve partnered with over 100 workspaces in NYC, SF, LA, Boston, and DC, and bundled them into one passport membership that is the fraction of a cost of a traditional coworking space. Members love the flexibility and versatility of Croissant because they can go to any of the spaces at any time, giving the chance to explore their city while remaining productive.

CyberCentric (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
CyberCentric is an enterprise-focused cyber security platform that monitors sensitive data and controls its flow and access to prevent unauthorized use. CyberCentric scans data across networks in real time, reporting the location of specific data, who is using it and how.

Dancio (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Dancio provides online dance classes with the best teachers in the world, available anytime, anyplace.

datazoom (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Datazoom is a SaaS platform that powers the collection and automation of big data in sub-second real-time.

Debitize (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Debitize pays off purchases every day so customers get credit card perks without credit card debt.

Dropel (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Dropel makes clothing lifeproof. They develop and produce performance-enhanced natural fabrics and fibers for apparel companies.

Emoshape (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Emoshape Inc. is developing technologies and systems that allow intelligent objects to interact with humans in a more positive, natural way through emotion synthesis. The company’s flagship product is an Emotion Processing Unit (the “EPU II”), which represents a massive leap forward for artificial intelligence, particularly as it pertains to industrial robotics, personal robotics, self-driving vehicles, intelligent personal assistants, virtual reality, interactive toys, and other major consumer electronic devices.

Fitnescity (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Fitnescity offers wellness coaching that uses insights from the individual’s unique physiology, history and lifestyle data to improve outcomes. Looking beyond gadgets, Fitnescity uses insights from health and wellness devices to implement lifestyle changes.

FlyTechnista (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
FlyTechnista seeks to bridge the gap between women & girls and access to education, curated resources, career & entrepreneurship opportunities in technology.

GoCity (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
GoCity is the first global RideShare Marketplace. The Expedia or Kayak for RideShares, helping users know their options, locally and globally.

Good Dee’s (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Good Dee’s Mixes are low carb, gluten free, and sugar free mixes. They use nut-free-based ingredients and no maltitol. Their products are 2g or less net carbs and perfect for diabetic and ketogenic diets.

Gooroo (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
The Gooroo app instantly connects students of all ages with the best tutors for in-person sessions.

Hintd (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Hintd is the next-generation shopping platform. It makes shopping online social, converts maybes into buyers and generates associative predictive data.

Holojam (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Multiplayer mixed reality entertainment for commercial venues. Content built on the Holojam platform runs on a variety of consumer-level VR devices and can turn any venue into a hi-tech entertainment destination.

ID R&D (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
ID R&D is a biometric vendor with a focus on the next generation of authentication technologies for mobile login and conversation interface (e.g. voice biometrics, facial recognition, and keystroke dynamics). Their award-winning R&D team creates technologies to circumvent the complexities of traditional security processes for end-users while increasing security for the enterprise

IssueVoter (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
IssueVoter is an innovative, non-partisan platform answering the question, “The election is over, now what?”, with a mission to give everyone a voice in democracy by using technology to make civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.

iSwile (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
The ethos of the iSwile company is “positive thinker, positive doer”. They are built on the pillars of hard work and social responsibility. It intent is to bring together creative, innovative, driven individuals to form a global network of great minds. Their aim is not simply to contribute to the development of the e-mobility, but revolutionize the way it is approached.

Kapitalwise (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Empowered by machine learning, KapitalWise is a consumer-first mobile app that will nudge the users to make frequent but small investments. KapitalWise also has a white labeled turn key investment solutions that can integrate with back office systems seamlessly.

Lampix (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Lampix transforms any surface into a smart surface: they make augmented reality without glasses by focusing on fixed horizontal surfaces. This makes augmented reality much simpler. Lampix is a software, hardware and cloud platform.

Leopard Books (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Leopard Books is a small children’s publishing company that works closely with Amazon and other platforms such as iTunes Bookstore, Barnes and Nobles.

Liquid Social (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Liquid Social helps amplify brands through influential voices.

Marqii (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
The Marqii business platform empowers restaurants/bars to create and share their specials in under 30 seconds, boosting their online identity.

Mazen (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Mazen helps SEO specialists get back to what they love about their job, and focus on what really matters.

Ment (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Ment a community-based airport application that helps hyperconnected travelers navigate their airport terminal by using real-time security wait times and terminal information.

Moi (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
MOI is the only “OpenTable” and “Grubhub” combined app for the beauty industry. Browse, book, pay and rate, all in the palm of a hand, 24/7 real time access from any mobile device.

neo 360 (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Neo 360’s patent-pending technology provides users with a new way to interact with professionally captured high-speed video on any mobile device, the end user can fully control the speed, direction and frame at which the video is played back.

Notch Interfaces (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Improving human condition through wearable tech. Users’ movements reconstructed on a smartphone in 3D.

onTarget (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
onTarget is visual analytics software for construction which automates workflows, provides actionable insights and predicts risks based on real-time progress data.

OpenSponsorship (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
OpenSponsorship is a two-sided marketplace, matching brands to athletes, teams and sports events for digital marketing and sponsorship opportunities. They give SME’s and startups access to the ultimate driver in consumer behavior, sports, at amazing value, transparent pricing and with data to track the ROI.

OweYaa (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
OweYaa tailor-matches employers to high-caliber military talent that complete outsource internship projects.

Pathfinder Labs (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Pathfinder connects communities to local services quickly and easily, using peer reviews and advanced analysis to make lives better.

PHOTOMENUS (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
It’s a great day to be a foodie! The Photomenus™ site and app is a whole new way to find photos, order and review food online. Let’s eat.

Pillar Technologies (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Pillar Technologies provides a network of durable smart sensors that are deployed across construction sites. The modules contain a combination of sensors that collect, monitor, and analyze data such as temperature, humidity, smoke, and dust particulate.

QallOut (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
QallOut is the world’s first online community for social (live) video debates. Think of it as the Periscope for social debates. After a very divisive 2016 and a growing bullshit epidemic, they are tearing down social media echo chambers and giving people the opportunity to discuss and corroborate critical issues over live video.

Quantac (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
A biotechnology company developing a wearable alcohol biosensor for consumer and research use.

RoadwareZ Technologies (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
RoadwareZ Technologies is the world’s first and only digital IoT SmartVest and app, with large numbers of safe, smart and social features: LED signaling, GPS tracking, app, microphone connectivity and emergency notifications.

Scouted (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Scouted is a simple and effective platform for students to apply to cool companies and successful startups.

Should I Sign (New York, NY) [Click to Vote] is an online legal marketplace disrupting the way consumers have historically found and engaged with legal counsel. They help startups and small businesses by connecting them experienced and pre-vetted attorneys for fixed-fee legal work (e.g. no hourly rates, retainers and surprise bills). By leveraging technology, Should I Sign is saving business owners time and money when they have a legal need.

SlidesLive (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
High quality video synchronized with slides to make you feel like you’re sitting at the conference.

Smart Screen Technology (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Smart Screen is an artificial intelligence-based automated onboarding and background checking platform.

Sure (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Sure is an insurtech app that provides on-demand personal insurance options to consumers when they need it most. Currently, the company provides flight, baggage, renters, pet, wedding and soon-to-be smartphone insurance.

The Donor Boutique (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
The Donor Boutique is an online ecommerce platform that will address the greatest challenge for most nonprofits. Finding funding, to support and their mission. They will address this challenge through relationships with manufacturers and their donated products.

The Westmark Group (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
The Westmark Group’s mission is to provide both local independent clients, and national brands with the most professional, high quality, digital marketing services that deliver real results with a high return on investment.

Unbound (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Unbound is the empowering sexual wellness brand for women by women. As an ecommerce company, Unbound is changing the shopping experience for women in this deeply personal category. The company is differentiated by focusing on product curation, engaging content, and an exceptional customer experience, all delivered in the guise of a contemporary beauty brand driven by feminist ethos. (New York, NY) [Click to Vote] is the world’s leading platform for social impact travel experiences. helps thousands of nonprofits create an exclusive product on their platform for free and automatically distributes on global platforms reaching millions of people, answering one of the fastest-growing trends in the travel industry today-the demand for local, authentic travel experiences.

xtraCHEF (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
xtraCHEF is an invoice processing and a cost management solution tackling a high pain point problem in the 10 billion dollar market opportunity in the restaurant industry.

Yosi (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Yosi’s SaaS platform for doctors is an end-to-end workflow management solution designed to improve efficiencies, reduce wasteful expenditures and increase revenue.

Zera (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
Zera is a real estate app that focuses on real time property search and neighborhood discovery. The app provides a seamless artificial intelligence/messaging interface that helps renters find a better home, neighborhood and lifestyle.

ZoundBite Media (New York, NY) [Click to Vote]
ZoundBite Media is developing a app and web platform that allows podcasters an opportunity to create live audio streams from their mobile device. This is the first time an app has been created that uses real-time data from mobile phones and streams audio, photos, videos, and GIFs live.

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