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Who should be named Startup of the Year from the South [Central – Texas (excluding Austin)] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate! and Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in the South [Central – Texas (excluding Austin)] region:

210 Model Management (San Antonio, TX) [Click to Vote]
210 Model Management’s main focus is to help new talent and motivated individuals with a passion to stay positive and work hard for today’s industry.

OlightO by Better Bright (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
OlightO is the product and technology for rapid and non-destructive installation of video wall on a building. With OlightO technology, the service platform of allows advertising companies to search and choose the locations and buildings for its brand promotion.

BioLum Sciences (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
BioLum Sciences is the developer of a mobile health device that aids in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of asthma by ultimately enabling the patient to measure airway inflammation in the comfort of their home.

Buck Brush (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
Buck Brush Co. has perfected the best electric toothbrush featuring replacement brush heads for just a buck a month.

Cosmunity (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
Cosmunity is the first social marketplace that connects the global geek community.

EarthWater (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
EarthWater, Limited is the manufacturer of FulHum and Zenful, ”the greatest beverages on earth.” FulHum and Zenful are made from 100 percent natural purified water. They provide products that are not pre-processed, canned or frozen.

EPLAY by Players Revolution Sports (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
The app EPLAY by Players Revolution matches players, venues and officials together. This app generates data that competitively matches users like never before. Analysis of this data enables us to create a fantasy sports-like experience—both digitally, and, unlike current fantasy sports, in reality.

flux (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
Flux created Eddy, an AI based robot that grows hyper-sustainable plants and cannabis.

InspireMore (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
InspireMore is on a mission to make media good again. By creating and distributing the most inspiring stories, lists, news, videos, and images, it aims to encourage people around the globe to live the fullest lives possible.

iuzeit (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
iuzeit simplifies online shopping with product reviews from consumers, experts and friends all in one place. Their vision is to transform lives through better information discovery and smarter purchase decisions.

Kerryco (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]
Kerryco, LLC provides children’s grief support products, for ages 1 to 10-years-old, to promote a healthy grief journey after the loss of a loved one. (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
Kickbox provides innovative email technology that promotes email best practices and improves deliverability. Their mission is to ensure customers with opt-in email addresses get their message to the inbox.

Knocki (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]
Knocki is a small wifi-enabled device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces into powerful remote controls for a connected world.

Links of Green (San Antonio, TX) [Click to Vote]
Through a dynamic user interface, Links of Green is the premiere mobile application that gives cannabis-based businesses and potential employee talent the ability to connect.

Lost Our Box (Plano, TX) [Click to Vote]
Lost Our Box is a game development company for games of all kinds, including educational games and games for change. They have developed a system for helping new developers get experience, complete projects, find resources and collaborators.

Mesa Digital (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]
Mesa Digital is automating college readiness. Mesa onTime provides a guidance track for high school students to automate the immediate role of the guidance counselor: to place students into the correct courses to graduate.

My Good Grief (Kingwood, TX) [Click to Vote]
Feel Better Bear is a children’s grief support brand. The Feel Better Bear book and plush bear validates children’s negative feelings associated with grief from the loss of a loved one and offers ‘feel better’ replacement skills.

NewSmilePlus (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]
NewSmilePlus allows customers to get the perfect straight teeth that they’ve always wanted for 70 percent the cost. Their entire process can be done with zero in-office visits for 99 dollars a month.

Oasis (Dickinson, TX) [Click to Vote]
Oasis is innovating beauty industry products.

Orbii (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
Orbii is the world’s first modular and drivable smart home monitoring camera that can stream live video, audio and environment data to any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Panamplify (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
Panamplify automates and eliminates all the grunt work for marketing agencies who build reports for their brand clients. They use Intelligent Systems (AI) to assemble and represent meaningful reports providing massive cost savings. Panamplify is the reporting easy button.

Penrose Senior Care Auditors (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
With the first mover advantage, Penrose created the Senior Care Auditing market segment providing the nation’s only objective, tech-enabled, person-abled, senior and provider monitoring and oversight via its app and network of auditor.

Pheramor (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]
Pheramor is pioneering the next generation of match-making. The platform collects user’s’ genetic information by direct-to-customer genetic sequencing and retrieves their cyber-footprint from social media accounts.

Pocketglobe (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]
Pocketglobe is an all-in-one solution for businesses to market to customers, manage rewards, promotions, payments, obtain leads, and protect their reputation.

SIMON by GetPayroll (Lewisville, TX) [Click to Vote]
SIMON, (a division of GetPayroll), the first totally green paperless payroll mobile app available by smartphone, is out to revolutionize the payroll industry.

Spacee (Addison, TX) [Click to Vote]
Spacee’s patent technology turns any 2D or 3D surfaces into an interactive virtual touchscreen by only using light. They make the physical world digitally interactive. Spacee creates interactive unique experiences that deliver value beyond entertainment through the use of deviceless mixed reality.

The Loyal Closet (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
The Loyal Closet is a subscription based closet management system. They assess a woman’s lifestyle, career and current wardrobe and recommend new pieces to build her a strategic closet.

Trace Matters Scientific (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]
Trace Matters is commercializing the first and only miniature lab-grade mass spectrometer. Their patent-pending miniature mass spectrometer can deliver lab-grade accurate chemical analysis at the touch of a button.

TX2O (San Marcos, TX) [Click to Vote]
TX2O has developed a revolutionary eco-friendly technology that significantly reduces costs and contingent environmental liabilities for oil producers. Their patent pending technology effectively removes residual oil from produced water.

Vecense (Pearland, TX) [Click to Vote]
Stabilize the efficiency of solar panels ability to produce solar energy. They provide a premium solar panels that can, over time, decrease the cost and labor associated with maintaining solar panels.

Velour Imports (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]
A technology based exporter of craft alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, cider, and spirits) made in America. Velour Imports is the beginning of an incorruptible global superhighway specifically for the distribution of craft beverages.

WileyRoo (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]
WileyRoo is a health technology company that makes smart bands to fit many containers. Their bands were created to reduce medication non-compliance, however they have many, many uses.

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