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Who should be named Startup of the Year from the South [East South] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in the South [East South] region:

2ULaundry (Charlotte, NC) [Click to Vote]
2ULaundry is the new way to do laundry and dry cleaning that gives users time to do what matters most in life.

Acrew (New Orleans, LA) [Click to Vote]
Acrew streamlines the hiring process for employers and jobs seekers in high-turnover industries using on-demand video interviews.

BankLabs (Little Rock, AR) [Click to Vote]
BankLabs was created by community bankers, for community bankers. It is a web-based, real-time, mobile-capable tools that support community bankers, at the banker’s hand at all times and places and are absolutely vital to their competitive advantage.

Bidr (Charleston, SC) [Click to Vote]
Bidr is changing the way non-profits raise money. Last year Bidr helped over 250 fundraising events increase their revenues by an average 47 percent.

Chosen Diagnostics (New Orleans, LA) [Click to Vote]
Chosen Diagnostics’ biomarker diagnoses a life-threatening bowel disease in fragile premature infants, earlier and with greater accuracy than current options.

Cocoa Belle Chocolates (Little Rock, AR) [Click to Vote]
Cocoa Belle creates artisan chocolate products with a Southern inspiration, shipped with their subscription services.

EasyVote Solutions (Woodstock, GA) [Click to Vote]
EasyVote is making the elections process more transparent, efficient and easier to manage.

Echovate (Charleston, SC) [Click to Vote]
Echovate is a social intelligence platform that replicates student success in higher education improving retention, enrollment and graduation goals.

ENGAGE Talent (Charleston, SC) [Click to Vote]
ENGAGE Talent enables recruiters to identify talent pools, targeting and building a pipeline of passive candidates who are more likely to engage in a job change discussion.

Envested (Raleigh-Durham, NC) [Click to Vote]
Envested is an enterprise software company that created a next generation workplace and employee engagement software.

Envies Flavor Shot (Charleston, SC) [Click to Vote]
Envies is a flavor shot for all adult beverages— beer, vodka, gin, tequila and wine. Different tastes and styles for the beach, tailgate and backyard.

etherMON (Baton Rouge, LA) [Click to Vote]
etherMON protects businesses from current and future cyber threats by using adaptive technology and human interaction.

Fetch & Flex (Bowling Green, KY) [Click to Vote]
Fetch & Flex is a dog-friendly gym with a proprietary app. Pets are kept separate and safe, but included in the experience.

Followmycal (New Orleans, LA) [Click to Vote]
FollowMyCal is a social calendar platform that makes planning personal, professional and social events seamless.

Inirv (Durham, NC) [Click to Vote]
Inirv React is the smartest, most beautifully designed device that ensures safety when using the stove.

JMR Enterprises (Baton Rouge, LA) [Click to Vote]
JMR Enterprises, LLC produces AQUIEM® , mineral-blended water in a sustainable carton, specifically formulated for enhanced coffee brewing, and boxed pure water in sustainable TetraPak cartons, a healthy alternative to plastic bottles

Just My Style (Raleigh, NC) [Click to Vote]
Just My Style is like Tinder for fashion, except smarter! Users rate clothing so it can learn what they like and find their next favorite outfit.

Koios (Columbia, SC) [Click to Vote]
Koios helps local libraries appear in Google search results, so users never miss a chance to borrow instead of buy.

LaaSer Critical Communications (Atlanta, GA) [Click to Vote]
LaaSer makes 911 work by leveraging the power of connected devices to locate anyone in an emergency and get help there faster.

Lauren James (Fayetteville, AR) [Click to Vote]
Lauren James is an innovative lifestyle brand focused on designing and producing quality apparel and accessories.

Lineus Medical (Fayetteville, AR) [Click to Vote]
The SafeBreak I.V. by Lineus Medical is a patented break-away device that provides hospitals an added layer of protection for IV access.

Little Athens (Athens, GA) [Click to Vote]
Little Athens is a children’s museum based on the town of Athens, Georgia. It features kid-sized businesses for kids to play and develop social skills and community.

Magic Bank (New Orleans, LA) [Click to Vote]
Magic Bank is a one-stop-shop for event planners, filled with the things they are in need of including vetted, unique and inspiring experiences, venues, vendors, and gifts.

MetKnow (Tulsa, OK) [Click to Vote]
MetKnow helps people learn the faces and names of everyone in their organization by generating flashcards and quizzes of the members in an organization for the members to review and quiz themselves on.

Out Of The Box (New Orleans, LA) [Click to Vote]
Out Of The Box is the new revolutionary fast food for New Orleans is dedicated to impacting the community youth, improving health through food.

Praxis (Charleston, SC) [Click to Vote]
Praxis is a 12-month startup apprenticeship program for young people who want more than college. Participants complete a 6-month professional bootcamp and a 6-month paid apprenticeship at a startup.

Scenehound (New Orleans, LA) [Click to Vote]
Scenehound is a mobile app that allows users to see how busy bars and restaurants are in real-time. It also allows users to see gender distributions of those bars and give users access to exclusive deals from those bars and restaurants.

SpaceVault (Charlotte, NC) [Click to Vote]
Spacevault™ is the world’s first bank account to enable anyone to securely open a savings account, earn financial rewards all while supporting the emerging commercial space industry and the future of human space travel.

Stream (Charleston, NC) [Click to Vote]
Stream is a B2B live first video platform that powers all video on brands and publishers digital properties.

SWIFTE (Atlanta, GA) [Click to Vote]
SWIFTE is transforming the way university students and the community carpools by creating a social platform for users to share the ride, split the cost, save the environment and meet a new friends in the process.

Tennibot (Auburn, AL) [Click to Vote]
Tennibot is the world’s first robotic tennis ball collector.

Think I.N.K. Recycling (Tuskegee, AL) [Click to Vote]
THINK I.N.K. Recycling has design a system that can convert all forms of waste into reusable product or convert them into clean energy. Allowing for any rural community to become self-sustaining.

Usit (Atlanta, GA) [Click to Vote]
Usit is an on-demand babysitting application that connects college students to family households, providing more possibilities to households and more opportunities to college students.

Vijilent (Raleigh, NC) [Click to Vote]
Vijilent uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques (ML) to provide social media analytics to the legal industry.

VR Arcade NOLA (New Orleans, LA) [Click to Vote]
VR Arcade NOLA is launching the first virtual reality arcade in the southeast in New Orleans! They will drive mainstream adoption of virtual reality by providing public access to the latest and greatest VR immersions.

WEB WED (Atlanta, GA) [Click to Vote]
WebWed Mobile is a cross-platform mobile application that will revolutionize the wedding industry by providing an optical indirect human experience.

Why Weight TV by TriPoint Media and Technology (Atlanta, GA) [Click to Vote]
Why Weight TV aims to show how food combined with exercise is a powerful medicine.

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