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Who should be named Startup of the Year from the South [South Atlantic – Washington, D.C.] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in Washington, D.C.:

AreaProbe (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
AreaProbe is revolutionizing the way real estate property operators connect with development partners. Assess market risk, build a team, and find financing!

Aspire (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Aspire helps companies manage workplace perks in a smarter, data-driven way. Learn what perks staff actually want and measure the impact.

CommonLit (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
CommonLit uses an innovative approach to deliver quality reading instruction to millions of students in low-income schools.

Daymaker (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Daymaker is an online giving platform centered around children’s birthdays.

DCTOP20 (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Let DCTOP20 promote your Song, Video, and Event for FREE to 20 Million People!

Duco Experts (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Dūcō is democratizing and expediting access to experts in national security and intelligence.

EasyPaint (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
EasyPaint is a managed network of contractors. Through efficiencies in the pricing, proposals, painter assignments, paint ordering, and payments, we make the contracting process more convenient and affordable, with better results.

Edge Tech Labs (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Edge Tech Labs is an IoT sensor company creating new brands you want from conception to delivery.

Emergent Network Defense (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Emergent is Waze for Digital Risk Management, powered by swarming artificial intelligence and machine imagination.

Event Nation (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Event Nation, is a ticketing and event management platform that allows users to create and manage events through an easy integrated platform.

Fan Central Station (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
A mobile live entertainment search engine. It’s Yelp’s map meets Google’s search that works for all event stakeholders.

Fandemic (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Fandemic connects influencers with brands to deliver awesome products to fans.

Goodshuffle (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Goodshuffle is modernizing the event rental industry! A marketplace for event planners and SaaS to streamline rental companies operations.

HausCall (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
The HausCall is the first on-demand grooming service app designed for men of color.

InnovatorsBox (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
InnovatorsBox empowers leaders and organizations by making creativity tangible, relatable and accessible through innovative educational workshops, services and products. Their goal is to improve the professional happiness and change the workforce culture to be more authentic, creative and open-minded.

Iuxta (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Nearby is a sharing economy app for your stuff. We want to make buying, selling, borrowing, and lending with people nearby easy by using your geolocation, sending push notifications, and offering in-app payments.

Kittr (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Time-crunched? Kittr is your very own “social media manager” loaded with content and machine-learning magic. They can help you tweet fast.

MemoryWell (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
MemoryWell’s journalists are putting the people in person-centered care, one story at a time.

Place Tempo (Washington DC) [Click to Vote]
The Place Tempo mobile app finds the best places nearby to work remotely or study, that best match your selected productivity needs, from real-time or recent ratings. It also offers digital punchcard deals from businesses.

PrepFactory (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
PrepFactory brings free, high-quality test prep to students and classrooms via an accessible and affordable web platform. Best described as “Duolingo meets Khan Academy.”

Smart Alto (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Smart Alto created Ethan, a self-learning algorithm that has text message conversations with real estate lead to book home tours.

SmartBridge Health (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
SmartBridge Health – cancer care as it should be. They use the brainpower of the world’s top oncologists to improve health outcomes for cancer patients. SmartBridge gives patients 24/7 remote access to quality-verified oncologists.

Spot Hype (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Spot Hype is the new mobile app that uses social media activity to find the most popular places in real-time.

Steel Mountain Systems (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Secaura by Steel Mountain Systems is a new gen of internet security. Simply plug into your router, and all your devices are instantly secure.

Swaggle (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Swaggle is a mobile marketplace connecting high-end men’s fashion resellers and interested buyers for a curated and personalized shopping experience.

The Patient Is In (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
Real-time, HIPAA-compliant messaging for Apple Watch and Siri to reduce patient wait times.

Yombu (Washington, D.C.) [Click to Vote]
With Yombu, you can pay at point of sale (POS) with nothing but your fingerprint – no wallet, purse, or phone required to checkout.

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