Startup of the Year

Who should be named Startup of the Year from the West [Pacific – Northern California] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide to selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate! and Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

Simply click the “Click to Vote” link next to the startup you like the best located in the West [Pacific – Northern California] region from these early-stage startups:

Blipsy (Oakland, CA) [Click to Vote]
Blipsy is a company dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and easy to use functionality when it comes to finding your friends.

Blitzz (San Jose, CA) [Click to Vote]
We sell a personalized, customer centric support platform to businesses to engage with customers in new powerful ways and over live video.

Brilliant (San Mateo, CA) [Click to Vote]
You don’t need a smartphone to manage your smart home. Brilliant’s Control lets you control your smart home devices directly from any room.

Bugsee (San Jose, CA) [Click to Vote]
Bugsee is the only bug reporting solution that continuously captures video of user interactions in live apps so that developers can see first-hand the actions that led to the bug or crash.

Calydr (Oakland, CA) [Click to Vote]
Calydr collides calendar feeds-easily follow the events of artists, venues, people & organizations you care about in a self-curated calendar

COMIVO (San Jose, CA) [Click to Vote]
COMIVO is a smart industrial chemical marketplace to connect small and middle size chemical buyers, sellers and other service providers together and make all the information and data on real time demand with one click.

Creative Arts & Technology (Santa Clara, CA) [Click to Vote]
Creative Arts & Technology makes a fashion technology wearable platform. Our first product is a smart phone controllable handbag featuring pixel art LED designs.

Dermveda (Sacramento, CA) [Click to Vote]
Dermveda is the integrative skin health education resource that helps you get to know your unique skin and care for it accordingly. (San Jose, CA) [Click to Vote]
Artificial Intelligence platform that can tap into the subconscious mind of humans to provide very powerful business insights.

EquBot (Sunnyvale, CA) [Click to Vote]
Let the Collective intelligence work for you and manage your investment at EquBot

Lucid VR (Santa Clara) [Click to Vote]
Lucid VR makes the LucidCam, a dual-lens camera with 4K video for each eye that captures and livestreams in 180° 3D virtual reality.

MapSit (Menlo Park, CA) [Click to Vote]
MapSit is an On-Demand platform for certified technicians to fix high-tech devices, getting ready for the growing IoT market.

MendUX (San Jose, CA) [Click to Vote]
MendUx aims to save the lives of Alzheimer’s patients who wander.

MojiLaLa (San Jose, CA) [Click to Vote]
MojiLaLa: an emoji marketplace for designers all over the world.

Nimb (Los Altos, CA) [Click to Vote]
Nimb – security platform and a stylish ring to send an alert signal to any chosen and available response team member in case of an emergency

Open Health Network (Los Altos, CA) [Click to Vote]
Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics Open Health Network enables rapid development of mobile health apps & chatbots.

Paralign (Oakland, CA) [Click to Vote]
Paralign is an AI-driven thought and mood tracker. With every thought, it connects you to people who have been there in the past, letting you know you are not alone. It also creates a universe of mindfulness content, inspiring quotes and guided meditation; all tailored to the thought.

Pilotly (Oakland, CA) [Click to Vote]
Pilotly, the consumer insights platform that enables content creators to get feedback from target audiences anywhere in the world.

Plugon (San Jose, CA) [Click to Vote]
Plugon is an Image Platform to showcase, highlight and pinpoint offerings, allowing users to engage with a brand.

ProPlanr (Sacramento, CA) [Click to Vote]
ProPlanr organizes all your plans, projects, and tasks in one simple system.

QQQ Tech (Menlo Park, CA) [Click to Vote]
By sending intentional random queries and web accesses, we fool data analytics and protect user privacy.

SellBig (Sacramento, CA) [Click to Vote]
SellBig is a peer to peer e-commerce marketplace focused on helping small businesses grow. We make it easy for anyone to start, maintain, and grow their business.

ShopTalk (Sacramento, CA) [Click to Vote]
Coffee shops are the new offices. ShopTalk is a platform that connects people who are working/studying in coffee shops.

Slightech (Santa Clara, CA) [Click to Vote]
We are a passionate team dedicated to AI applications in consumer electronics that transforms daily interactions. While AI is serious business, we feel it doesn’t have to be. We believe our applications in robotics and wearable products will help you transforming daily interactions easier, and be empowered.

SPRYFIT (San Jose, CA) [Click to Vote]
SPRYFIT is a fitness app providing a cash reward to motivates users to achieve fitness goals, resulting in healthier lifestyles.

Sunflower Labs (San Carlos, CA) [Click to Vote]
Sunflower Labs created a new type of an outdoor home security system, built using very clever sensors (called Sunflowers Smart Lights) and an autonomous drone that investigates what the sensors detect.

Swiftmile (San Mateo, CA) [Click to Vote]
Swiftmile: Solar powered electric bike sharing system for commuters.40 mile range, 20 Mph. Just “Tap, rent and Roll” on our app to get going.

Tantiv4 (Sunnyvale, Ca) [Click to Vote]
Tantiv4 is dedicated to provide IoT based, easy to use, simple and cost effective solutions to simplify life. Their first offering, fetchitGO is live on Kickstarter.

Teleos Media (Sunnyvale, CA) [Click to Vote]
Teleos Media empowers anyone with video content to be a broadcaster, using the most advanced, glass-to-glass Video Distribution Network available. Teleos’ infinitely scalable, cloud-based — VOD, TrueLive and VOD2Live services supplant legacy(CDN) systems and are built from the ground up to launch and deliver the ultimate video streaming experience on any device, anywhere and anytime.

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