Startup of the Year

Who should be named Startup of the Year from the Midwest [North East – Chicago] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate! and Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in sweet home Chicago:

A Taste Of Theater (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
A Taste of Theater connects theatre companies to actors and venues. Once that connection is made the general public can find any play in the country.

BallotReady (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
BallotReady is the nonpartisan voter guide to every race and referendum. They make it easy to vote informed on the entire ballot.

BeyondTag (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Users wish a price on every product and instantly know whether they got the deal! Never pay full price again and always have a say.

CanYou (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
CanYou is a list-building app created exclusively for two people to share asks with each other and earn personalized rewards.

ChangEd (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
ChangEd is an iOS app that helps student loan borrowers pay down their debt more effectively using spare change from everyday purchases. Get out of debt years sooner without any budgeting.

Chowly (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Chowly integrates third-party online ordering platforms (TOOS), such as Grubhub, Eat24 and ChowNow with restaurant POS, bringing the virtual ordering experience full circle.

CirrusPoint (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
CirrusPoint provides the end-to-end orchestration platform over IT Service Management and enterprise monitoring.

Clearmaze Technologies (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Clearmaze Technologies streamlines the community-college transfer process in three steps, ensuring no student loses credits when transferring.

Codemoji (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Learn to code HTML, CSS and JavaScript ideas with the ease of emoji.

EatPakd (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
EatPakd takes the pain out of packing a lunch by providing custom modular lunches directly to families’ homes.

Enodo Score (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Enodo Score is a patent-pending predictive analytics platform for CRE that objectively quantifies the investment potential of multi-family properties

Find Your Ditto (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Find Your Ditto is a mobile platform that connects individuals living with the same chronic illness for on-demand, in-person support in one’s community.

GX.Ventures (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
GX Ventures helps other startups using a supportive, market-driven approach.

Holberg Financial (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]Holberg Finance helps forward-thinking companies reduce employee’s financial stress & empowers them to become their best financial selves.

HumanPredictions (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Great talent is only on the market for a few weeks. HumanPredictions helps focus recruiting efforts on people users can actually hire.

Jiobit (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Find your kids anywhere with Jiobit: indoors, outdoors, up, down, and in 120 countries. Jiobit has up to two months of battery life.

Kannatopia (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Kannatopia is a cannabis social network for modern consumers 21+ aiming to elevate experiences and reduce the stigmas and stereotypes that exist!

LogicGate (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
LogicGate is software that allows businesses to automate risk and compliance operations by visually designing their end-to-end workflows and deploying them as self-contained process applications, without writing a single line of code.

Looplio (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Looplio is a social media platform that connects users through video collaboration.

Luna Lights (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Luna Lights is an automated lighting system that utilizes behavior analysis to keep older adults safer at night.

Machinio (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Machinio is a global search engine for finding used machinery and equipment.

Monument Labs (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Monument is the artificial intelligence-powered personal cloud for photos. It syncs and organizes photos by who or what’s in it.

Noirefy (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Noirefy is a digital network that connects diverse professionals with corporations through referrals. Their mission is to create diverse workspaces and inclusive environments.

Occly (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Occly is a wearable personal alarm solution that includes four cameras and available 24/7 emergency response service, making it the most powerful product available!

ParqEx (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
ParqEx is the Airbnb of Parking. List parking spots for rent when they’re available and start making money. It’s simple.

PhenixP2P (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
PhenixP2P is revolutionizing content delivery with the world’s only real-time video streaming platform enabling unprecedented low latency video at massive scale.

PinkThink (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Driven to make coding fun for girls, PinkThink created cStyle Bracelets, a wearable girls can code to change colors based on temperature and light.

PowerPost (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
PowerPost software turns brands into instant publishers by automating content marketing. For the first time, brands can organize, schedule and distribute content with the ability to collect leads.

RaPID Medical Technologies (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
RAPID protects patients and hospitals from retained surgical items (RSI) after surgery through the use of pattern matching for RSI detection.

Rapunzl (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Rapunzl is a mobile social network which uses transparent portfolios to allow users to crowdsource investment decisions from their peers.

rMark Bio (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
rMark Bio removes current inefficiencies while providing innovative engagements for R&D and HCP partnerships to life science companies.

ShoeBoxOne (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
ShoeBoxOne is a shoe storage solution for shoe collectors.

Sidekick (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Sidekick is a digital assistant that allows high school teachers to turn current company problems into engaging in-class projects in seconds.

Sorc’d (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Sorc’d is the Pinterest for Writers. All of your research at your fingertips, wherever you are creating.

Sparkl (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Sparkl is a waterless, traveling eco-friendly car wash. With the touch of an app on a smartphone, anyone can order a car wash to their home anytime, anywhere.

Stand-in (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
When your friends can’t join you, get a Stand-in, the friend-finding app for when your bffs can’t hang. Never be stuck at an event alone again.

Syndio (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Syndio is a people analytics platform helping people understand how to work better together.

Tadpole (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Tadpole is a platform connecting app entrepreneurs with beta users in their target market. These users can seed their app with the initial user-generated content needed to kick-off their network effect at launch.

The LISA App (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
LISA is a mobile app that lets beauty specialists build their clientele, offering on-demand services for hair, nails, massage, skincare, and more.

The Right Hook (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
The Right Hook is creating a personalized and fun bra-shopping experience that women can do from the comfort of their homes.

VectorScient (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
VectorScient is a machine-learning-based marketing cloud that predicts who is likely to buy what product and recommend the promotions to run.

VisualFood (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
They can design original dishes or exploit current recipes making them a VisualFood creation.

WotNow (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
WotNow is a social app for hyper-local experiences such as events, deals and volunteering. WotNow sources events from websites and helps users discover, experience and engage better in their immediate community.

YOLK USA (Chicago, IL) [Click to Vote]
Yolk is an innovative solar power company. Yolk recently launched Solar Paper, the world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger.

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