VOYCE: The Wearable Device That Will Lead the Quantified Dog Movement Debuts at CES

January 7, 2014

3:41 pm

Happy New Year, to all my fellow peeps, err … pups out there! How were your holidays? What did you eat? Chew up any new toys for Christmas? Where are you going? What’s that in your hand? Can I eat it?

My apologies – I got distracted there.

Your loyal canine correspondent is currently reporting from this year’s International CES here in Las Vegas, where I’ve just gotten to try out what will be one of 2014’s best gadgets for pups. Forget about the quantified-self for human beings – 2014 is all about the quantified dog. My heart’s racing from just reporting on this great new wearable – according to VOYCE – my heart rate is up. Unveiled today at CES and available Spring 2014, VOYCE is a premier wearable device for dogs that offers all of the features you want from several devices, except it’s all on one band.

The VOYCE band in all its glory.

According to Scout, an English Mastiff whose towering frame is both intimidating and aspiring, his owner, Jeff Noce, developed VOYCE in collaboration with biomedical engineers, various dog experts, and Cornell University (apparently, a lot of great vets train here). Aside from measuring heart rate, VOYCE monitors other key vital signs and wellness indicators, such as respiratory rate, activity level, rest patterns, and calories burned.

I’m told that with all this data, our humans can better understand our needs – to an extent that even a mutual understanding of language can’t provide (although, I’m sure we can all agree that it would just be easier if everyone went ahead and learned the dog language). Our owners even get to subscribe to an exclusive network of dog experts that will provide customized tips, advice, and relevant reads.

VOYCE gives your owner access to health and wellness data that will help them further understand our individual needs.

But, honestly, do you or I care about all of this special mambo jambo? Honestly, all I care about is how it fits on me. Unfortunately, the first generation offering of VOYCE is not an equal-opportunity provider and will – for now – only fit medium- to large-sized dogs (those with 12- to 22-inch diameter necks), so the product I tried on hung like a cat dangling from a tightrope. Neck-size aside, the VOYCE band still seems a little bulky; hopefully, improvements will be made on future designs. Regardless of this, it’s still pretty worth it for us to wear around.

I’ll keep an eye out for other great things I find at CES. Until next time, readers. WOOF!

VOYCE is intentioned to go on the market late-Spring of this year, and is slated to sell for $299 plus a monthly subscription for access to the VOYCE network.


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