Walbum: Your World Made Livelier with Images

November 2, 2015

3:00 pm

Walbum is a mobile photo app that geographically tags every single picture and video that a user posts to his/her timeline, automatically. Once it figures out your location, it tells you what events are going on around you, in real time! Not only that, but it also lets others known about the user’s whereabouts, via a very pronounced social map.

If, for example, you’re traveling to a foreign country and want to find a local landmark, all you need to do is open the Walbum app and just geo-tag yourself or scroll to a destination of your choice to see what’s happening. All you have to do is go to the locality, area, or region, to and click on any of the geographically marked pictures that depict something of your interest and find your way to it!

Photo Filters, Music, and Social Media

The Walbum app is also by far, the most convenient way of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes by allowing others to follow every momentous journey that you take. The app also allows you to connect with fellow Walbum users, who are also scouring for local attractions, cuisines, and so on. Being an image-based social platform itself, a big advantage about using Walbum is that it can be easily integrated onto other social media platforms.

This includes Twitter, Facebook, and everything in between. Once you use the app, you’ll find that these social media handles can be found under the photo or video that you wish to share with the world. Users can even edit their media by applying various built-in digital filters available, within the app. You can also import music from your own library and get them personally geo-tagged within Walbum.

Photographic Kaleidoscope

Apart from its core functionalities, the very recently updated version of Walbum now hosts the added feature that allows users to upload pictures that will automatically get captioned on the world map, and even allows them to add fresh comments to a pre-existing post. One of the most basic options that wasn’t available in earlier versions was the ability for users to rotate images, which can now be done in version 1.2, via a rotation key that rotates pictures, clockwise.

Another noteworthy update is the one that allows users to comment on other Walbum users’ profile pictures, just like Facebook! Users can now also import pictures to upload on to their user profiles, along with seamless integration of a geo-locational pinpoint. Rotation Key has now been applied to allow app participants to rotate pictures in a clockwise formation.

Walbum has made it to the top of the image-based social platforms list by being proactively available for people who love to travel and experience new things. It’s also a magnificent useful app when scouting for potential vacation destinations since users can browse pictures taken by others, in and around that location. Users can send message pictures to other members, and control the various settings, get a fan base and have conversations with them, and so on.

Connect with Friends, Find New Interests

The app features a live feed that depicts what is happening with your friends, family, and acquaintances. It even pinpoints their live location on the map! Talk about keeping tabs on your contacts! Not only can you keep yourself updated about the people you know, but you can also connect with new users whom you haven’t met. Additionally, users can use Walbum to reconnect with old acquaintances from a location-based “people you may know” list.

Other Features

  • The fact that you can edit your photos with unique filters for free is the apps USP.
  • Allows you to locate people and follow them based on photos and places.
  • Allows you to connect with other Walbum members and follow their lives in real-time.
  • Find local attractions, along with directions to those attractions with a few taps to your screen.

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