WalkJogRun iPhone App For Running Routes

January 25, 2010

4:45 pm



Looking for new running or jogging routes? We might have an iPhone application to help you out. WalkJogRun offers an iPhone application to help find running routes wherever you are, from over 600,000 routes worldwide. Routes are pulled from the company flagship property WalkJogRun.net where users can find routes but also create them using Google maps.

WalkJogRun is the creation of Chicago-based startup, Almost Awesome, Inc, made up of the duo of Adam Howitt and Jeff Kenny. WalkJogRun.net was built t in 2003 by  was training for the Peachtree 10k road race using DHTML to draw running routes on an uploaded map. Version 2 scraped maps from Yahoo’s maps and then finally in August 2005 he integrated the Google Maps API while Jeff redesigned the look and feel of the site. The WalkRunJob team will be on hand to demo their latest iPhone application at MOBILE cocktail Chicago.

Check out the WalkJogRun iPhone app video demo (above) as it demos training plans on the application. Subject to Apple’s approval the next version is due out late January or early February and it will be the first iPhone app to deliver 16 training programs daily with push notifications as gentle training reminders.

Download the WalkJogRun iPhone ApplicationWalkJogRun Running

Ok, now get out there and run, jog or walk! 🙂

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