How to Use Event Marketing Effectively for Your Startup

March 7, 2014

5:00 pm

In the past, event promotion was a little more straightforward … or was it? Event planners would send out some snazzy postcards, hand out a few flyers, and perhaps send the odd cheeky email. All that they wanted in return was for the potential audience to add their name to the register, and that was that!

But if you think a little about the whole procedure, how could they ensure that these individuals were actually going to be there on the big day or night? Sure, the house could be packed, but there was very little activity once the ticket sales were complete. Fast-forward to 2014, and how differently are things being done in the event planning industry today?

Website Stability

Now, you absolutely need a website for your event planning projects, and it should be able to stand up to a lot of punishment. If you are pretty basic at website design, either splash the cash for a designed product or see if a friend can help you out. There are plenty of good templates and themes that you can look at, and this is where you’ll need to pay attention. Be sure to pick a theme that allows for registration activities, destination facts, guest blogs, and some kind of emotional connection. If you feel that these developments are beyond your skills, get some help — fast. Try to float the content out there around three months before the party kicks off, and use some SEO techniques to strengthen the Google page ranking.

Social Media

Event planners and social media are pretty cool bedfellows, and the reasons for this are not hard to see. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the rest are all perfect for spreading the word about your next event. If you have done okay without harnessing the might of these platforms, ask yourself how much better you could have done with them on your side. Check out your potential audience and find out what they love, and leverage those interests for your own strategy. Set up a registration link at your physical event, and share this link even after the event has long passed. Try to encourage some engaging chat about your special day or night and see what effect this has on the next turnout.

Email Marketing

No, it isn’t dead, and in fact, email marketing is still a very powerful tool that definitely works. Keep the messages nice and clear, and think P2P marketing strategies all the way. Don’t tell everyone to visit your business website; ask them to check out your social media pages, and then they can decide if they want to take the next step. Think about reconnecting with your old clients, and you may be looking at some very willing leads.


Not all marketing material is digital, and some of the analogue products still have a positive effect on the general public. There is something about being able to hold or feel some merchandise or promotional material in your hand that really has general appeal. Mixing the flavor of your marketing is a very wise idea, and as well as covering all the bases, you can rest assured that you have put some real thought into your efforts. Direct mail still works and even the youngsters get a thrill when they see a letter or postcard with their name on it!

“Cheap” Advertising

It is true that you only really get what you pay for, and that is double-true when it comes to advertising. You may feel that Google Adwords can be a little pricey, but look at the potential ROI we are talking about. But when you start to use this kind of vehicle, make sure you don’t end up with a small budget and an even smaller turnout. You can tweak these PPC campaigns to suit even the smallest budget, but remember to target the people you want, and not just the people you can afford.

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