Wantrepreneurs Share What’s Holding Them Back

June 8, 2015

4:00 pm

At a time when 71 percent of Millennials desire to work for themselves, it’s no wonder that a term like “wantrepreneur” has become a part of our modern vernacular. For many of us, though, the ultimate goal is to go from being a mere wantrepreneur to being an actual entrepreneur; however, there are many things that get in the way. Whether it’s a current career track, some obstacles in your path, or just life in general, sometimes making the transition to actual entrepreneurship can become a struggle. A recent Reddit post on r/startups asked wantrepreneurs exactly what it is that’s holding them back, and here’s what a few of them had to say:


“I have student debt and no real money to spend on my ideas.” – Reddit user cfernandezruns

Current Burnout

“Between my 8-5 job and commuting to said job, that takes around 12h out of my day. Gym/exercise takes another 1-2h. By the time I get some free time, I’m exhausted. I yearn for a challenge in life. My current job is tedious and repetitive and I deal with frustrating people and terrible management every day.

I want so badly to work for myself. But I feel dull, I feel like I lack any creativity anymore. I know I need to get out of my current job (and I’m working on it), but I’m getting close to the point where I’ll just quit outright one day. I have a little book where I write down ideas I come up with, but nothing seems good enough to make. I’m trying to improve my life…I’ll get there. It’s getting better.” – Reddit user Massiah89

Stuck on Idea Stage

“The idea stage. Every time I come up with an idea I also find 1,000 reasons why it sucks. I really do envy the people that just say “screw it” and do something, even if they fail.” – Reddit user algo2

Lack of Marketing Skill

“My venture crosses education, statistics and cloud services. [I] am technical, my cofounder is a [pedagogue] and the other one is technical. [I] think my bad point is marketing, that is my mayor holdback. [C]ode schools are there by dozens but [I] have never seen a market research school of some sort on the internet ([well] I havent looked into it deeply but that’s my perception.)” – Reddit user jcliberatol

Problem with Suppliers

“Finding suppliers who aren’t obsessed with bricks and mortar companies.” – Reddit user Buboy78

Oversaturated Marketplace

“Finding an idea that could even remotely be plausible because of the tons of competition. Seems like every idea I have is already dominated by a massive company.” – Reddit user mineobile

All the Financial Paperwork

“I’m scared to death of taxes and business paperwork. I dread every year doing my personal taxes because I barely know enough about it to do it myself.

As a software developer, I just want to make Android/iOS apps and sell them, but setting up a business entity and managing the paperwork is my nightmare. Throw in the added paperwork of hiring someone to help out and I just give up.” – Reddit user Getterac7


“Code. Been working on something for too long. You don’t know what it’s like in my universe. The bugs are everywhere! I won’t go back!” – Reddit user tripperjack

No Technical Know-How

“I have the idea and plan, but no coding skills and finance to fund development and no luck finding a technical cofounder.” – Reddit user takudzwa93

Lack of Connections

“No connections to find clients.” – Reddit user dober88


“Money.” – Reddit user _420CakeDay


“I wish I had a fancy answer that makes it somehow not my fault, but I don’t. I am lazy. Really lazy. I only cook food when I’m so hungry I can’t stand it or I’m procrastinating something else. Ever since I moved house recently and live alone I barely even get out of bed since I have my laptop. I have ambition but no drive. I have goals but no fuel. I’ve been trying to find a point to make but have been finding the world pointless.” – Reddit user magicaxis

And This Truth Bomb Dropper

“Most wantrepreneurs don’t actually want to start a business. They love the idea of being a business owner, but they don’t have the drive. They’re not self-starters, they’re not leaders, and they’re not independent. But they love the idea of starting a company and they love to manufacture reasons as to why they can’t do it now.

That’s not to say everyone who has reasons they can’t start a business is like this. Plenty of people have very valid reasons. But many just don’t have the balls to follow through.

Most people are cogs.” – Reddit user amosschorr

Many of the things pointed by these wantrepreneurs are completely legitimate, while some are complete bs (I mean, if the only thing holding you back is your laziness, than that automatically rules you out from being a wantrepreneur). The responses, though, are helpful, and several other users chime in with their helpful advice on how to overcome some of these issues. You can check out the full Reddit post here.


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