Don’t Let Laundry Day Get the Best of you: Use Washio

February 19, 2015

2:30 pm

Laundry day: it’s the bane of my existence. How many times have you gotten super amped up to do laundry only to have something else pop up? “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow,” you always say. But tomorrow turns into the next day, and the next, ad infinitum.

I would bet anything on the fact that I’m not the only one that does this. In fact, there’s a company in Santa Monica, Washio, who laid down that very same bet and walked away with some serious winnings.

To date they’re considered one of the nation’s largest dry cleaning and laundry delivery services. Today they launched a new component to their app called Washio Now, which elevates the pickup service to a new level of speed; you could have somebody grabbing your clothes in as little as 10 minutes from placing the order.

“While we have always provided our customers with fast turnaround times, with the launch of Washio Now, we have gone a step further, moving from being a scheduled service to being truly on-demand,” says Jordan Metzner, CEO of Washio.

Typically customers request a pickup time and a Washio Ninja will arrive within an hour to secure their clothes. Regardless of when they’re picked up, Washio remains adamantly dedicated to returning everything to their loyal customers in under 24 hours pressed, hung, or folded to your liking.

In parallel to the new service, Washio will be offering expanded availability for early morning, late night, and weekend hours with the option available to schedule a pickup time still. Delivery times can also be adjusted up to an hour before clean clothes are scheduled to be dropped off.

“We are excited to optimize the Washio experience for our customers in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, DC, Boston and Chicago, and we can’t wait to start serving more cities in 2015,” says Metzner.



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