Webby Awards Partnered with Notegraphy for 5-Word Speeches

May 22, 2015

9:00 pm

Who doesn’t like hearing about a beautiful partnership? This one is between an awards show that celebrates the internet, and a platform that is changing how individuals and brands interact and engage across the internet.

As you likely know, the 19th annual Webby Awards took place on May 18th. Touted by the New York Times as the “internet’s highest honor,” the Webby Awards honor excellence in categories such as websites & mobile sites and apps, interactive advertising and media, online film and media, and social. There were over 13,000 entries in 2015 and winners were chosen by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a global organization of industry experts and technology innovators.

Notegraphy is a social posting app that is changing the way individuals, companies, brands, and celebrities engage over social media. Instead of sending a bland, designless message, users can choose filters to make their messages more visually appealing and thus a greater impact. They provide public filters for individuals and design brand filters for marketing purposes. Brand filters allows social media teams to instantly create and publish posts that are beautifully on brand and 100% searchable with no length restrictions and no designer needed.

Notegraphy found a serendipitous partnership opportunity with the Webby Awards, thanks to one quirky fact about the awards show: winners are limited to five word acceptance speeches. On the night of the awards Notegraphy launched two unique Brand Filters: one for the Webby 5Word Speeches, a second for GREY GOOSE Vodka’s Napkin Notes, and a third filter will be created to showcase The Webbys brand in June.

“We’ve been big fans of Notegraphy since it launched, and are so excited to work together. This partnership is an opportunity to celebrate our Winners’ 5-Word Speeches in a new and more shareable way,” said David-Michel Davis, executive director of The Webby Awards. “And we’re excited to create this beautiful digital format in which to preserve them.”

With currently over 500,000 users, Notegraphy allows for brands to set themselves apart from all of the noise in your Twitter feed. They also have crucial backend technology that lets marketers track likes, followers, shares, impressions and engagement in real time. For public use, fans can engage with a brand and spread the love by posting a filtered message within a brand’s campaign.

Individuals can also use Notegraphy to distinguish their personal brand, send impactful messages, and engage with friends, family, and strangers in unique ways. Want to break up with someone? Ask someone on a date? Debut your comedic prowess? Notegraphy gives examples of how their platform can help you with all of these.

It’s not exactly new news, but if you’re more interested in the Webby winners than what Notegraphy can do for you, check out a list of some of our favorite winners here.

notegraphy 2

Example of a post created with a Notegraphy filter.



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