The Wild, Wild Western Startup of the Year Competitors

September 7, 2016

1:30 pm

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For decades, the West Coast has been considered the cradle of innovation. Whether it’s the California hills of Silicon Valley or the cactus-laden deserts of Nevada, entrepreneurs and startup founders have flocked west like prospectors looking for gold. At Innovate! and Celebrate, many of the competitors in the Startup of the Year competition hail from the states like California, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah.

Who are these western startups competing for prizes, accelerator interviews and the respect of their peers? Check them out below!

7 Generation Games from Santa Monica, CA

Adventure video games that make you smarter. This company creates video games that combine math, history and adventure gaming. Calculate the size of an invading army, compute the amount of medicine needed to save your tribe from an epidemic – or experience death in their virtual world.

Betagig from Los Angeles, CA

Betagig is a new app where for the first time ever you can job shadow different careers and find out what you love.

Candy Lab from Irvine, CA

Candy Lab, Inc. is a full-service augmented reality technology company based in Irvine, CA. The Candy Lab team developed an engine that powers augmented reality experiences. Candy Lab has developed proprietary GPS Augmented Reality and Beacon location technologies that pair with intuitive iOS and Android apps.

Cocoon Cam from San Francisco, CA

Cocoon Cam is a movement-tracking health monitor for babies that track their chest movements through a camera and patent-pending technology. Through the app, you can receive smartphone notifications when your child needs attention, or check on them and their respiratory rate through the video live feed from any time and location.

Cultivating Coders from Albuquerque, NM

Cultivating Coders takes the coding bootcamp model on the road with an 8-week course and train individuals in areas that do not have access to the training and employment opportunities that a coding bootcamp provides.

EventYoda from San Francisco, CA

Eventyoda is a curated marketplace that helps teams discover and book their team building activities. The company is passionate about helping build winning teams that work and play together. With 200+ activities to choose from, teams can use these activities to build their unique cultures while having fun.

GiveIt from Provo, UT

A donation online marketplace where users can place their unwanted items and get them picked up by participating charities and GiveIt Drivers who need them.

GrokStream from Aliso Viejo, CA

Grok detects anomalies in Cloud services using machine intelligence and resolves issues using automation, creating homeostasis for IT.

HiLovely from San Francisco, CA

HiLovely offers virtual beauty advice that is 100% personalized by industry experts, unlike anything else on the market today.

IADB Websites for Creatives from Redondo Beach, CA

This platform helps creatives, actors and more build a professional website as a way to showcase their creative work online for free in 90 seconds. IADB populates your website using InstaBuild Technology™ and instantly import your data from IMDb, Backstage, Youtube and Vimeo right into your website.

Klickly from Santa Monica, CA

Klickly is a data-driven impulse payment solution for social streams and mobile experiences. AI buy-button that powers commerce in ads, emails; Klickly kills the sales funnel, allowing customers to purchase with a touch everywhere.

LeapCure from Los Angeles, CA

This company recruits, screens, and engages patients for clinical trials faster and more efficiently than any other solution available on the market.

Legal Robot from San Francisco, CA

Legal Robot is automated legal document review using artificial Intelligence to make legal documents less painful for everyone & and improve access to justice.

NexusEdge from Los Angeles, CA

This company connects students and career seekers with mentors to provide inside career insight into any company or industry.

My Flow from San Francisco, CA

To eliminate menstrual anxiety & leakage, this company developed the world’s first tampon monitor, providing real time updates on tampon saturation level.

On Second Thought from San Francisco, CA

On Second Thought can undo those pesky texting mistakes before anyone knows we’ve made them. All you have to do is swipe your message left or right within moments after hitting “Send.”

Optia Health from Los Angeles, CA

This mobile app helps patients find the right doctor for their needs based on their specific location and insurance.

PodShare from Los Angeles, CA

Pod Share is dormitory style living and working community, where a membership grants access to spaces across the city to co-live, co-work and collaborate. They currently have 50 pods across Los Angeles. They were the winners of the Startup Showcase, Los Angeles.

PrayerSpark from Las Vegas, NV

This company enables people to send spiritual, interfaith prayers, affirmations and blessings to anyone — while directly helping a community in need.

PropSwap from Las Vegas, NV

PropSwap is the first secondary market startup for sports bets in the history of gambling in Las Vegas. A marketplace where Buyers can purchase sports betting tickets from Sellers, who have listed their bet for sale.

Tesloop from Los Angeles, CA

Tesloop offers city-to-city shared-car transportation, that leverages both the low cost of electricity and the rapid advancements in autonomous driving technology.

Wellness Realities from Palo Alto, CA

Wellness Realities is the leadership in the wellness virtual reality, augmented reality and wearable platforms, implementing cumulative experiences to produce top-quality products and services.

X-Factor Films from Los Angeles, CA

X-Factor Films is ‘Netflix for millennial women.’ They’re building a streaming platform of the best movies and series (both short and long-form) for an audience that Hollywood serves less than 15% of the time: women!

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