What a Tech-Loving Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

May 7, 2011

12:45 pm

I have to be perfectly honest with you: what I really want for Mother’s Day is to sleep in (til 7:30 would be nice), get a 90 minute massage, have someone else (like my husband and kids) cook and clean up, and just hang out with my family without laundry, errands, or other boring chores hanging over my head.

But what’s the fun in writing about that?

So, for all of you who have waited til the last minute to buy your mom or wife a gift, here are some fun tech-related apps we have covered in the past that you could get her for Mother’s Day tomorrow:

If she likes to shop:

JunoWallet allows you to get free promotional mobile gift cards and certificates, securely store your existing gift cards, check balances, and buy gift cards at discounts and with bonuses.

DealRadar is a mobile one-stop-shop to find all the local daily deals in your city, and now you can do it on the go via its new app.

Clothia is an online gathering place for fashionistas to connect, create, and share.  Users can create virtual closets, mix-n-match outfits, and share their creations with friends.  (This is not an app, just a cool website.)

Combine Couture is an online shopping destination featuring multiple retailers and hundreds of designers all in one place.  We think this one-stop retailer is poised to be the Amazon.com of couture.  (Again, this is not an app, just a cool shopping site.  If you’re a really good son or husband, you can give your mom or wife a set amount of money to spend on it.  Just a suggestion….)

If she loves taking photos:

Motionoto enables user to share photos with the world in a whole new-old way! Select a bunch of photos from your library and drop them into your timeline, select your speed, and share.

Sweet Baby is an app that allows users to create and share their child’s baby book right on an iPad.

If she likes poetry:

I Write: Love Poems guides you through the process with step-by-step instructions to inspire you to take that chance and for those of you looking for a little more adventure there is also an erotic version.

Instant Poetry HD allows you to explore your inner Wordsworth. Instant Poetry uses your own photos as the backdrop for a drag and drop poetry-creator.

If she likes to work out:

RunKeeper lets you track your runs.  You can map your run using GPS, track your speed, calories burned and other information which automatically syncs to their website. The Pro version adds customizable audio cues and advanced coaching for planning workouts and setting goals.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit is another great running tool.  It includes a sensor that you insert in your shoe, which sends data back to your iPod (through a receiver) or iPhone (built-in support). It measures distance traveled, calories burned and integrates with a Nike + website where you can track progress.

Fivi is a health and wellness community where people create workouts and allows for customization from existing workouts or a library of high quality targeted content.

Fit Orbit lets users choose their own personal trainer (pre-screened and certified) who provides them with customized fitness and meal plans on a weekly basis.

Image courtesy of annetylerlord.com.

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